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Bard Male Netherlands
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Something about me...
Well, I was born June 2 1987 which makes me 22 years old at the time of this writing. I first started playing Dink around 2002 and joined the forums in may 2005. Since December 2008 I've been doing the polls here on the Dinknetwork, so if you think a poll is stupid, funny or plain pointless it's probably my fault.

I also released some DMODs here. The first two called Dink learns music and Quest for the gems aren't really that great, but I also released The scourger, a DMOD that I still consider to be my opus magnum.
Progress on new DMODs is going very very slowly though. I still have a DMOD in production called "Terminal Tranquility 1, Paninga". But as mentioned before progress is really slow, so don't count on it being released any time soon.

I've made a development file called "An introduction to DMOD making" which seems to be very popular, be sure to check it out if you're interested in making DMODs yourself!

If you wish to contact me you can do so by posting a private message on the forum, or by emailing to: metatarasal (at) hotmail (dot) com

If you want to read more about me, check out the interview I gave for Dinkerview.

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2009-11-11 07:48:51
Bard Male Netherlands
I object 
Welcome Dinkers, it has been 8 weeks and six days since the last installment of 'pollocracy'. So, with 8 polls behind us it is time to look at the various comments made about the polls once again.

See the comments for the entire article.

So, what have we learned from the polls in the past 8 weeks and six days?

1) The two most common genders on the dinknetwork are 'male' and 'other'. (Poll 123)
2) When asked about an opinion about Tal most people simply respond with 'Tal'. (Poll 124)
3) Though the same peope are highly disturbed if you try to use him for your salad. (Poll 126)
4) Articles are a relatively unknown feature (Poll 125), which might explain the limited popularity of pollocracy (Poll 130)
5) In fact, 'Pollocracy' should probably be renamed to 'Dead Dragon Carcass Theocracy' but I'm too stubborn for that. (Poll 130)
6) Poll comments can not be more than 256 characters, if you need more you fail. (General comment)
7) We need more articles! (Poll 125)

So, with those lessons in mind we can now look at what people had to say exactly about the polls, all [text between square brackets] is mine.

Poll 123: Gender?

3) Hrm...although I THINK I know what gender I am, I'm going to put in under Other/unknown anyway. Also, based on my calculations, all comments with the words 'banana' and 'Tal' are usually put in the pollocracy. So....banana. Tal. [You're right, it worked.]
2) Hermaphrodite anyone>
1) i am michael jackson.

Poll 124: Should 'Tal' be a voting option in the poll?

3) Of course he should... who else would I stick up on my bedroom walls?
2) Always. Just adopt the questions so that persons can be an answer. Well, that persons can be an answer in theory...
1) what is tal anywayz? is it like some hip new word for a female's babymaking parts?

Poll 125: Should there be more articles?

3) how about a new article called: banana weekly? or how to make a crappy dmod, by the guy who made abc...?
2) Give the staff a break? They already have way too much things to do that they don't do!!
1) I urge the staff to do overtime for the DN.

Poll 126: Most disturbing ingredient for a salad?

3) Hey everyone! I am a purple jerk and I love to drink Motor Oil!
2) Tal, it's always mutherlovin' TAL. You should know that by now.
1) Tal is actually the most disturbing ingredient for ANY meal. Unless you're a cannibal, I guess.

Poll 127: Do you read reviews before downloading a file?

3) always, you got to do something during all the time downloading costs
2) Umm... What's a Review?
1) What's a file?

Poll 128: Best extra feature in a DMOD?

3) I'm thinking more of instructions on how to unpack the dmod. There is a slight possibility this may not be terribly useful since opening just the readme would be more complicated than unpacking the whole thing, but it's dang idyllic.
2) All great games have sheep! Just look at Worms! Or was it the banana bomb?
1) Special offer: Download a D-Mod and get a free sheep through the post! With a banana on its head if you download two.

Poll 129: Do you visit the Dinknetwork message board?

3) i post alot i post alot i post alot i post alot
2) Less than 60 posts in the last year for me. Sad, sad.
1) I didn't know a message board could be made without cork, paper notes and drawing pins!

Poll 130: Best form of goverment?

3) Does staff kleptocracy mean the staff steal dinker's ideas? Because that would be sweet!
2) It could have also been "The Pillbug Empire"
1) Staff Kleptocracy and banana republic aren't mutually exclusive And if everyone worshipped the DDC as well... that only leaves out benevolent dictatorship and voter pollocracy. Kindness and democracy? Pah.

Don't forget to submit your comments for the next pollocracy!

metatarasal has released 5 files

QuelD-Mod, RompGood 8.2August 2nd, 2012
Scourger (The)D-Mod, EpicExceptional 9.3April 1st, 2010
An Introduction to DMOD MakingDevelopment, TutorialExceptional 9.5December 8th, 2009
Dink Learns MusicD-Mod, RompGood 7.1June 26th, 2005
Quest for the GemsD-Mod, RompGood 8.0May 3rd, 2005

metatarasal has written 28 reviews

A little bit too pretty Medieval Status BarsFeaturedFair 6.0June 22nd, 2012
Good looks, poor fit Snow to Grass TilesFeaturedFair 6.5June 22nd, 2012
Not as useful as it could have been IPD's Armour DemonstrationFeaturedFair 6.9June 22nd, 2012
Lots of new ideas, both good and bad Three AmuletsFeaturedGood 8.7February 19th, 2010
Not really useful Mystery Island Help MapFeaturedHorrible 2.0November 27th, 2009
Funny quest for lameness Quest for Not Quite as Lame (The)FeaturedGood 7.5October 22nd, 2009
Rocky tiles CliffFeaturedTolerable 4.0September 4th, 2009
Useful reference, awful tutorial Dink.ini IndexFeaturedGood 7.0September 4th, 2009
Weird DMOD with ordinary ancients Legend of the Ancients: The CaptureFeaturedTolerable 4.7August 29th, 2009
Simple and enjoyable ChoresFeaturedGood 7.5August 29th, 2009
Original but short Old Hero New ThiefFeaturedFair 6.0August 20th, 2009
A bit vague, and off balance A Day in the Life of Dink SmallwoodFeaturedFair 5.0August 20th, 2009
More frustration than fear. Hotel of the Middle NightFeaturedTolerable 4.3August 12th, 2009
A monumental work of modern art ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZNormalHorrible 0.1August 12th, 2009
Unfortunately useless Skorn's Dark Beach GraphicFeaturedHorrible 0.4August 3rd, 2009
A parody of a joke is rarely funny Duck ApprovedNormalHorrible 2.0June 15th, 2009
Insufficiently game-like An Aeophian Adventure: Dink goes to AeophiaFeaturedTolerable 4.7May 27th, 2009
A useful timer Countdown TimerFeaturedGood 8.3February 27th, 2009
identity crisis Hide-n-SeekFeaturedTolerable 3.8December 5th, 2008
Unpolished, but with potential Dink Smallwood at the City of the DeadFeaturedFair 6.3April 5th, 2008
A cutscene DMOD Rise of the Goblins (The)FeaturedGood 7.1December 16th, 2007
short shorter shortest... Honor of the Cast: The Honor's TimeFeaturedHorrible 0.9April 5th, 2007
Not bad for a start Gold Knight Agency (The)FeaturedFair 5.8April 5th, 2007
An unfinished DMOD Honor of the Cast: SlimesFeaturedHorrible 1.2April 3rd, 2007
The Attack of the Evil Wizard is a Reasonable Dmod Crippled By Bugs Attack of the Evil Wizard (The)FeaturedFair 5.7December 26th, 2006
Cypry's Warrior Skills Pack Contains Two Magic Spells Cypry's Warrior Skills PackFeaturedExceptional 9.0January 21st, 2006
The First Thing I Thought When Playing This Demo Was: Friends Beyond 3? Sabretrout Already... Once a HeroNormalGood 8.6January 6th, 2006
This Dmod Surely Holds a Record Land of Transforming DucksNormalHorrible 0.3October 5th, 2005