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August 20th, 2009
Score : 5.0 fair
Bard He/Him Netherlands
I object 
A new DMOD is released without me knowing it? Apparently it can happen if I'm on vacation. So when I got back the first time I saw it was when a review was written for it. A very praising review, I might add. So I started the DMOD hoping to get an enjoyable quest. But really, I can't see why it could possibly have deserved the score it got.

The DMOD starts rather simple, you need to do a couple of chores for your girlfriend. But after a while there are no more chores for you and a warp mysteriously appears, you press a button and dead people start appearing everywhere. Sounds like the story for a comedy DMOD. And this DMOD also tries to be funny, but the humor didn't quite work out for me. Probably because a lot of it was quite vulgar, or at least not very tasteful.

This entire story is also a bit unclear. You'll probably find out what you need to do after a while, but it doesn't make a lot of sense. I can't say it any better than Dink himself: "To be honest I don't even know what my quest is any more" And when I finished the DMOD I wasn't quite sure if I had actually finished it. Probably there was something else to do, but the story felt finished to me. At least I got through all of the dungeons.

And that's something I probably shouldn't have done. As I felt that these dungeons really ruined the DMOD. The thing I hated most about these dungeons was the balance. There were monsters that you could kill with a single blow and monsters that could kill you with a single blow. This means that collecting power-ups wasn't just a nice bonus, it was a necessity. And even then the monsters were terribly strong at times. Their defense and hitpoints were reasonable, but their strength was totally off balance. Believe me, there are other ways to make hard enemies than by giving them lots of strength.

All of this was aggravated by the fact that none of the enemies leave hearts behind. So what was I supposed to do then? Run back to the village to drink from the healing well every time I got hit? Yes, you could get healing magic too, but that was hardly effective and prohibitively expensive early on. I don't want to spend two minutes healing myself with magic after every fight. And after every fight means after every screen, as screenlock is used rather abundantly.

The music in this DMOD is quite reasonable. There aren't many MIDIs, but they're quite nice and used reasonably well. The same goes for the mapping: It isn't spectacular, but it's pretty decent. I couldn't find any hardness errors and the screens were decorated nicely.

Now it is very hard for me to figure out the score I give to this DMOD because it's hard for me to see the DMOD behind the frustrating balance. But in reality it was probably just reasonable. Unless you really like cheap sexual references I suppose.