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Dink.ini Index

Explains what the numbers in the dink.ini file refer to.
Released:February 5th, 2000
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Release Notes:v1.00
September 4th, 2009
Score : 7.0 good
Bard He/Him Netherlands
I object 
The dink.ini file is the file where the graphics are loaded, so if you are planning on putting new graphics into your DMOD you'll need to use the dink.ini file. Loading a simple, non animated graphic isn't too hard, and a lot of people can probably make it work without reading this file. But if you are going to do something more complicated such as animation of editing the hardbox or depthque it really helps to understand what you're doing. And that's where this file kicks in. The Dink.ini Index is basically a list of commands you can use in your dink.ini file, a short explanation what they do and which parameters they need to work.

So the information that this file provides is very valuable. But there is a problem: This file is is not focused on what every command means in practice, but rather about a correct description of what it does. It contains no examples, just a very brief description of what a command does and what parameters it accepts. This means that a novice in dink.ini editing should really use his (or her) brains to see what a command means in practice. If you just want a simple explanation about how to add graphics to your DMOD this is not the file for you.

This means that this file isn't really that useful for most people. The explanation about the dink.ini file in the DinkC reference is much more suitable for most situations as it explains everything a lot better. Still I like this file. Its brevity makes it less suitable as a tutorial, but it makes it really useful as a reference file. I always have this file ready when I need to change something in the dink.ini because I can get the correct information fast. And that's something no other file on the Dinknetwork can do.

So, I'm a bit unsure about the score I should give. I really like this file myself, but for most people this file has simply been superseded. I think a 7.0 is a fair score then.