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The Right Spell for Dink, but Wrong Spell for the Wizard
Dink goes to a foreign, cold land to help his granny with house chores.

*Best D-Mod of Q1 and Q2 2009*
Released:May 20th, 2009
File Size:739.65 KB
Release Notes:- Added a better ending
- Added a little encounter in the forest
- Couple of small fixes
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July 17th, 2009
Score : 7.4 good
Bard They/Them Netherlands
Lazy bum 
Chores is a nice, small D-Mod. It's a bit oldskool, in that it plays like a well made romp from the late nineties. I can't really explain why that is. Maybe because in the last couple of years the quality of the D-Mods has taken a nosedive (there are exceptions, of course), and Chores is very well made.

On the other side, the game feels decidedly "newskool", because of some truly well done scripting tricks, like enemy healthbars and something cool with a pig (I'm not going to spoil it!).

The D-Mod takes place at a snowy village and Dink has to do some chores for his grandmother. This sounds a lot more boring than it really is, as most of the (later) tasks are pretty fun to do and there is some good humour to be found. It all ends pretty fast though and there is no real hook to the D-Mod.

But the standards seem to have gotten lower for Dinkers. This probably also has something to do with the surge in quality in the past years, but I just cannot give this D-Mod an 8+. It's well made, funny and practically bug-free, but it's also a bit ordinary and very small. It's a terrific romp, but only a "good" D-Mod.

GRAPHICS 7.5: Scenery looks nice, and the snow graphics have been used well. No new graphics though, and the snow graphics have some transparency problems.

SOUND 6.5: No extraordinary use of sound, but most midis do the trick. The "Krezip song" at the village gets on my nerves really fast though.

GAMEPLAY 7.5: Very well done, with some great humour and scripting. A bit too limited for my taste.

LASTING APPEAL 7: It's short, but for a romp it's above average. There is some replay value, as there are two endings.

OVERAL: 7.4 (not an average)
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