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Mike the Magician

From the COTPATD project.
You play as Mike the Magician, as he makes life crap for everyone around him.
Released:April 16th, 1999
File Size:1.57 MB
Release Notes:Beta
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June 11th, 2002
Score : 8.5 good
Well, its not the best DMOD, but not worst too...
So, you control Mike The Magician in his school.
You can talk with a lot of peoples, but cant to go into few rooms... Its quite easy to win, also, I liked Plot: Kill your roommate.... Ok, lets look....

Plot: Kill your room mate. But when you start you dont know the plot, and in one room you can to know what to do and take some "help" (*hehehe*)...

Well, the wizards staff I think. No more new graphics...

Also no new sounds... (What you want from me? I am not creator of this DMOD)

Bugs and other Weakness:
Well, it is a DEMO.Thats a big minus (*sniff*), Because I really liked THIS DMOD. Also there are some bugs....

Really worth to download. Not the best, but really funny DMOD. Try it.