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2004-05-19 15:37:48
Wow thats kinda funny, I made up that amount in hopes to piss WC off with it being comically small. something like "bunnie you moron stop making up crap" but no he gets all serious and trys too get us scared about nerve gassing bases and there being more.

Bunniemaster has released 3 files

DinkabloD-Mod, UnfinishedTolerable 4.2August 7th, 1999
Dink Arena - GUID-Mod, RompGood 8.7June 8th, 1999
Mike the MagicianD-Mod, UnfinishedFair 5.3April 16th, 1999

Bunniemaster has written 2 reviews

Hmm For Some Reason I Never Downloaded Any of the Evil Hero D-Mods So I Passed This Dmod Up MayhemNormalGood 8.0May 12th, 2004
I Told My Self I Would Never Review a Dmod Dink Goes BoatingFeaturedExceptional 9.7February 12th, 2004