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The Store Slaughter
This is an arcade style d-mod. There are no save points, and it only takes minutes to complete, but it should be fun to play a few times.

You, the Black Knight have been charged with the task of crushing some uppity peasants. If they don't like paying 95% of their earnings in taxes they can go somewhere else... well not really, but the point is, they shouldn't complain. And the certainly shouldn't try to take over the castle.

Try to cause as much death and destruction as you can and get out before they can close the city gates and overwhelm you.
Released:October 17th, 2014
File Size:1.83 MB
Release Notes:NEW IN VERSION 2.0: High Score system, new abilities, new enemies, new things to destroy, new secrets, an achievement system, new play modes, spooky stuff.
Play:Play this D-Mod right now in your web browser! (More Info)
June 20th, 2003
Score : 9.4 exceptional
Finally! A wicked d-mod allowing you to kill everyone! Including little girls and grannies! This d-mod is not for the weak hearted.

Amazing gameplay is what makes this game pure fun! Apparently, some rebels have tried to take over the kingdom and the government. Your job is to, well, stop them by any means possible, (in other words, just slaughter em all) The peasents you can kill are: Men, Woman, Little girls (heh), Girls, Rebels, A knight traitor, old women, and finally the rebel leader. The more people you kill, the more points you rack in to determine your score at the end of the game. Once in a while though, Dink will appear with a longsword and fireball magic and the supreme leader of justice to stop you. They are impossible to kill, so you have to run away when you see them. Little touches also improve the game's great gameplay. Sometimes, you'll see torches that when you hit, send a fireball in whatever direction you position.You can burn houses, trees, and people. Also, when along the bar you can hit the windows to create cracks in them and get more points. Another detail, are the bottles you can hit in the bar. The sounds that people make when you hit them are gruesemly funny, oh, and did I mention the huge carefully detailed map? I had my friend over when we played this, and we each played to get the most points. Pity there isn't a score board, but I guess that is almost impossible.


Probably the only major flaws were that there were no scoreboards and extremely miniscule hardness errors, I could walk on one lake. I don't think there's much to criticise here..


Stop reading this, just download it already!

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