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Why, hello there. Take off your shoes and stay awhile.

I'm Dan Walma, and I'm the guy behind The Dink Network. If anything on the site works, breaks, or looks at you funny, I assure you that it is all my fault.

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2006-01-08 16:55:03
King Male United States xbox steam bloop
A mother ducking wizard 
Dink Smallwood v1.08 has withstood another bout of testing, and is only stronger from the ordeal.

As before, this is a release candidate, which means that if no bugs or errors are found in the next week or so, this will be the final version.

So, if you find something that doesn't seem to work quite right, please post a reply to this thread, even if you've told me about the same problem before.

Full Install - RC3 (15.3 MB)
Patch - RC3 (1.4 MB)

For a full list of changes since Release Candidate 2, please view the comments.


* Leveling-up past Level 32 should no longer freeze the game.
* set_smooth_follow should work.
* The pig feed is visible when Dink's walking diagonally and throwing
* All guards have a death seq
* At the parade, some of the people will not come back from beyond the status after a while
* Screen 165: Heart not heard
* Screen 185-217: Screenmatch fix
* Screen 209: Dink crawls proper height
* Screen 320: A rock is now normal sprite
* Screen 534: Tree years old no longer unhardens at the might of fireball (Haw haw haw)
* Screen 535: Cannot walk through rock
* Screen 617: Door problem fixed
* Bowseller no longer says "you could be making a lot more damage with a bow" even if you hit him with a bow
* "Nevermind" option for Chealse
* In screen 407, Dink is not drawn "under" a fence.
* en-gmog: "sp_nohit"
* s1-fmons: "Try your best" line assigned properly
* s2-ryant: "Argue with the men even more" dialog choice removed
* 85: stairs have stairs sound
* 254: save machine is hittable
* 320: Removed barrel scripts from grass
* Wanderers should not disappear when physically accosted.
* All DinkC Reference v4.1 errors mentioned in the previous thread
* Mystery Island map/script fixes (Go Tal!)
* DFArc2: Displays directory using backslashes
* DFArc2: Available Available removed removed.
* DFArc2: Browse Selected D-Mod Directory should work on Windows 98
* Dinkedit: several spelling/grammar errors
* Uninstaller: Removes island\whatsnew.txt
* Worthless debug line no longer says "it it"
* 535: Tree near top of screen appears correctly after being burned
* Several updates to whatsnew.txt and credits.txt

redink1 has released 55 files

Dink Hotel (The)D-Mod, RompN/AApril 2nd, 2019
Bloop's PurpoiseD-Mod, RompGood 8.6June 5th, 2017
Cycles of EvilD-Mod, RompGood 8.7January 8th, 2015
Cast Awakening Part 5: RevolutionD-Mod, QuestExceptional 9.1January 4th, 2015
Cast Awakening Part 1: InitiationD-Mod, QuestExceptional 9.5September 29th, 2014
WeatherDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.1June 21st, 2007
Adventures of Ed the SCV (The)D-Mod, RompGood 7.3March 26th, 2006
Dink Smallwood 1.08 Source CodeDevelopment, Source, Official, Dink.exeExceptional 9.9March 10th, 2006
Dinky Dimensions 1: FIATD-Mod, Epic, UnfinishedExceptional 9.2February 26th, 2006
Video Tutorial: BombroxDevelopment, TutorialExceptional 9.0December 7th, 2005
Save Game Editor of JusticeDevelopment, UtilityGood 8.0June 30th, 2004
Dukie's Shooting GalleryD-Mod, Miscellaneous, RompGood 7.8October 25th, 2003
DinkSaysDevelopment, UtilityFair 5.5October 22nd, 2003
DinkSavesDevelopment, UtilityExceptional 9.0October 9th, 2003
TreesDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.4August 1st, 2003
reDinkMiscellaneous, Source, Dink.exeExceptional 9.0February 14th, 2003
Hard.dat RewriteDevelopmentGood 8.3August 1st, 2002
FIAT JournalDevelopment, MiscellaneousTolerable 4.0June 20th, 2002
FIAT v0.99i SourceDevelopment, SourceExceptional 9.3January 20th, 2002
Dinky Dimensions 2: End of TimeD-Mod, QuestExceptional 9.0January 11th, 2002
FFCreate 2Development, UtilityExceptional 9.1January 2nd, 2002
SuperVar SourceDevelopment, SourceGood 7.7July 20th, 2001
Flower BloodDevelopment, Miscellaneous, Add-OnGood 7.6July 20th, 2001
Smile BloodDevelopment, Miscellaneous, Add-OnFair 6.9July 20th, 2001
Explorations: redink1's BasementD-Mod, Miscellaneous, RompFair 6.2January 5th, 2001
Dink CD LabelMiscellaneousGood 7.6August 4th, 2000
FIAT Winamp SkinMiscellaneousN/AApril 30th, 2000
Dink's Friendly DoubleDevelopment, MiscellaneousGood 7.5March 30th, 2000
FroggerD-Mod, Miscellaneous, RompGood 7.8February 13th, 2000
Taking ScreenshotsDevelopment, TutorialFair 5.9February 6th, 2000
DinkersD-Mod, MiscellaneousFair 6.5January 20th, 2000
Reconstruction: The Freedmen's BureauD-Mod, QuestGood 8.9December 12th, 1999
Alliance CommandD-Mod, RompGood 8.4December 5th, 1999
DinkMouseMiscellaneousGood 8.6September 17th, 1999
DinksaberDevelopment, MiscellaneousFair 6.6July 2nd, 1999
DinkCraftD-Mod, UnfinishedGood 7.8June 25th, 1999
Dink Arena - GUID-Mod, RompGood 8.7June 8th, 1999
StarDinkD-Mod, RompGood 7.1May 26th, 1999
Dink Smallwood & The End of TimeD-Mod, QuestGood 7.9April 7th, 1999
CM2PillbugMiscellaneous, Add-OnFair 5.5February 20th, 1999
Lost in DinkD-Mod, QuestGood 7.9January 28th, 1999
Dink Smallwood Goes Trick-Or-Treating SourceDevelopment, SourceGood 8.4October 31st, 1998
Dink Smallwood Goes Trick-Or-TreatingD-Mod, RompGood 7.0October 31st, 1998
DinkLogoMiscellaneousGood 8.6October 11th, 1998
Lost in Dink v3.0 SourceDevelopment, SourceGood 8.7January 1st, 1990
Basic Enemy ShootDevelopmentGood 8.1January 1st, 1990
LanternDevelopmentGood 8.7January 1st, 1990
Scrolling BackgroundDevelopmentExceptional 9.0January 1st, 1990
Weather DemonstrationDevelopmentGood 7.0January 1st, 1990
Applying Dink PalletesDevelopment, TutorialGood 8.0January 1st, 1990
D-Mod Dink.ini EditingDevelopment, TutorialGood 7.5January 1st, 1990
KeycodesDevelopment, TutorialGood 8.8January 1st, 1990
Redink1's Neat StuffDevelopment, TutorialGood 7.5January 1st, 1990
D-Mod Movie ExampleDevelopment, TutorialGood 8.7January 1st, 1990
Scrolling TilesDevelopmentGood 7.0January 1st, 1990

redink1 has written 24 reviews

A Good Romp, Until It Stops Northern Lands (Unfinished)NormalGood 8.0July 2nd, 2018
Nice for some situations Dink Smallwood WorldmapNormalExceptional 9.0June 11th, 2018
The Best Dink Smallwood: Achievement Unlocked EditionNormalExceptional 9.5March 6th, 2018
Not Great Pokemon: Bible VersionNormalHorrible 0.1January 24th, 2015
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Slick Enemy HealthbarFeaturedExceptional 9.8February 16th, 2007
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In Defense of This Tutorial Thing (After Phoenix Blasted it All To Heck): Applying Dink PalletesFeaturedGood 8.0March 6th, 2003
Pilgrim's Quest is an Excellent D-Mod Pilgrim's QuestFeaturedExceptional 9.7November 18th, 2002
Windinkedit is the Best Editor For D-Mods WinDinkeditNormalExceptional 9.6September 7th, 2002
I Concur with Wc: the Windinkedit Code is an Invaluable Resource WinDinkedit Source CodeNormalExceptional 9.8September 7th, 2002
It Used To Be a Necessity For Any D-Mod Author DinkC HelpNormalGood 8.9July 9th, 2002
I Never Really Paid Much Attention To the Versions of Dinkc Reference Prior To the Current... DinkC ReferenceNormalExceptional 9.8July 9th, 2002
Quite a Nice Alternative To the Skins Packed with Customfe CustomFE 1 SkinpackNormalGood 8.5June 26th, 2002
A Fun Creeping Sands (The)FeaturedGood 8.9June 19th, 2002
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Best Demo Ever CrosslinkNormalExceptional 9.9February 28th, 2002
Actually DWTDNormalGood 8.0January 25th, 2002
A Technology Test of Creating a Point-And-Click Adventure in Dink Smallwood Seemed Like a ... Explorations: redink1's BasementNormalTolerable 4.2January 22nd, 2002
Stone of Balance is a D-Mod You're Going To Love And Hate At the Same Time Stone of BalanceFeaturedExceptional 9.4December 5th, 2001

redink1 has taken 35 screenshots

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