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Dinky Dimensions 2: End of Time

The best loading screen ever. From the COTPATD project.
After Dink defeats the boss in FIAT, the King sends him on another errand far to the South... however, his adventure first takes him to Windemere, 9 years after he saved it from the famine.

*Best download of january 2002*
Released:January 11th, 2002
File Size:2.45 MB
Release Notes:v2.01
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June 24th, 2002
Score : 8.9 good
EOT2 has one of the best storyline you can find in a dmod, epic or quest. Like FIAT, EOT2 had a nice flash introduction. (Note: redink1 took it out on v2.01.) Dink was sent to one of King Eric's towns in response of people over there. Then...

Compared with FIAT, the first part of Dinky Dimensions trilogy, EOT2 is much smaller and less innovatory. However the game is more self-centered and "spiritual". I don't quite know why Dink needs to kill Seth AND his mom and Milder (or their imaginary ones) in the spirit land (at the same time), but I guess there is something there for people to think. I was hoping that I can do something different than kill them in cold blood. You can buy a few magic tricks (only one depending on the gold you have) or a fire bow, but without a tough boss in the end, none of them are of great use. What a shame! Since you can't get high magic level without cheat, hellfire magic is not that useful, either. (not necessary, either)

Overall, the game is great. It does not have repeat missions like FIAT did in various dungeons. It is certainly stable and almost bugs-free (v2.01). Redink1 treated EOT2 as a bridge between FIAT and HR. However, to me, it should introduce more things here so that people can know better about what has happened between King Daniel and King Eric. It should offer a little more fighting and submissions so that people can enjoy the power of invincible magic or other fancy stuffs.

The ending is interesting since no one else would dare to kill Dink even you did everything right. (One of the ending in AGAE would kill Dink, but Dink can be saved if you do enough things before you defeat the final boss.)

Standing alone, EOT2 is a nice well-written little dmod. Being a part of a trilogy, it seems a little weak.
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