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Janurary 2002 DOTM Winner: Dinky Dimensions 2: End of Time v2.00

I just ended voting for the January 2002 DOTM, and End of Time just barely won the DOTM. A strong challenge came from As Good As Eternity, losing by just once vote. The next runner up was Ted Shute's DinkC Reference.

Thanks to everyone who voted.

Note, I'll modify the script soon so it displays who voted for what, so people can tell if anything fishy is going on (this was suggested by the extremely fishy mimifish).

Also, voting more than once doesn't do any good, dinkmega Your 6 votes for End of Time, while appreciated, were in vain. Only your last vote counts.

Well, thats all. Now I'm off for home for the weekend. Hopefully DOTY voting will start soon, Sunday or Monday.