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Dinky Dimensions 1: FIAT

Here we have an extremely detailed screenshot of Dink trying to shake hands with Mr. Fire Pillbug. Dinkemon minigame. From the COTPATD project. Gladiator minigame. From the COTPATD project.
Dink Smallwood embarks on a journey against an evil foe who controls the very elements of nature. This D-Mod marks the beginning of the Dinky Dimensions trilogy.

Includes a LOT of secret areas. Numerous secret games/items/islands/etc.

*Best download of december 2001*

*Best D-Mod of 2001*

Released:February 26th, 2006
File Size:12.21 MB
Release Notes:v0.99j
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Let's Play (DSPT)

January 13th, 2002
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Great dmod! Some great new graphics and monsters that change with the location. Not the same ol' find some magic and kick butt type of dmod. Not every magic works well in every area. And you really have to EARN the magic you get. I thought the midi's were good, I really liked the one on Odvi. The Bosses were a B*tch to beat, but fiat wasn't so tough. So many secrets, and took me over a month to find them all. Within this DMOD are what Dan calls mini-games. These mini-games are actually certifiable stand-alone DMODs. One is unlike anything I've seen, you train elemons for battle - you'll have to play it and see. It is obvious that this mod was a challange to make and it is as equally challanging to beat. The challange lays mostly with finding all the add-ons and hidden secrets. For example: The use of an ultimate weapon when defeating the final boss gives you an extended ending. But getting an ultimate weapon is the tough part.

New loading screen and new main menu with great graphics and new ideas. Who is that bald dude?

The plot in my opinion flows nicely and rarely leaves you wondering what you must do next. The one draw back I see refers to the map size. With the size of the map, I wish Dink could find teleports (hidden under burnable trees or something), because after beating FIAT, you must again travel the entire map in search of...well you know.

POTA, Stone of Balance and Isle of croth were great dmods because they were big,cohesive and introduced new ideas in dmods. I feel this dmod did that as well, although some tinkering was needed to work out the bugs. This is the best DMOD to date in my opinion, narrowly edging out POTA, in large part due to the entertaining add-ons hidden in the game. One last note: I hate that dang pig who steals my water! Hate him! I'll never look at pigs the same way again
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