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Dinky Dimensions 1: FIAT

Dink Smallwood embarks on a journey against an evil foe who controls the very elements of nature. This D-Mod marks the beginning of the Dinky Dimensions trilogy.

Includes a LOT of secret areas. Numerous secret games/items/islands/etc.

*Best download of december 2001*

*Best D-Mod of 2001*

Released:February 26th, 2006
File Size:12.21 MB
Release Notes:v0.99j
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December 19th, 2001
Score : 9.2 exceptional
Noble Male Australia
Well, at last it is out, and it was worth the wait. This DMOD breaks new ground in many, many ways.

New graphics: some very good, some not so good, but I always like to see new graphics, seems the big hole in the ground I've seen somewhere before

Music: a bit of a let down here. While good at the start of each island, I found it getting very repeatitive.

Sounds: good with interesting variations

Map design was really nice, although the story implementation meant for a lot of walking. And I mean a lot of walking. I got so bored doing this I wrote a cheat which would take me to each new island as I came to it.

Story/Plot. Nice use of elements with the new magic. But some of the tasks got mundane. 20 water spikes, going after the pig who steals water, fighting the rock monsters with his own rocks was great - but kinda contradicts the power of the elements set up. Rock fighting rock should have increased the strength of the rock knight.

One of the things I found annoying was the lack of clues in the later half. Part of it is the trouble of scripting some many characters to respond to the changing story, but I found having conversations repeated, without helping me, frustrating.

Magic: All new system - well done!

Items - modified and new.

Secrets: plenty. Although I didn't get access to the mini-games until I'd killed FIAT - on purpose I assume.

So the downside is the boredom and frustration in walking/lack of clues and repeatition of tasks. Killing all the bad knights again to get to FIAT bored me to the extreme. I now know why people have found SOB hard and frustrating. But overall this is a great DMOD. More new stuff than POTA, very clever scripting in a many places, nice new magic system. Too much walking, too little clues, humour disappeared at the end, too much repeatition in tasks.
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