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2013-03-06 14:41:08

A man arrives home to find the door to his home gone. Hurrying inside, he is astonished to find everything gone. Everything! There are no pictures on the wall, no furniture, no food, no clothing. Everything is gone. As he steps further into his home, he discovers that the floor is sticky. While there does not appear to be anything on the floor, and there are no visible traces of “stickiness”, he finds that his feet are sticking to the wood planks while he walks.

Venturing further, he enters the bathroom. All the usual bathroom accessories are missing, including his favorite towel! The sink has been ripped from the wall, but the tub remains… but it is half-filled with a thick gooey substance that seems to bubble and burp. In the place of the toilet is a hole the goes to… well it doesn’t matter.

The bedroom is bare, but written on the wall in goats’ blood (what else!) are the words “gone to the market BRB”. Strange, as the man lives alone, and did not have a goat. The closet door is missing and there appears to be a large hole in the floor. Deep within the hole he can see a very faint light.

Moving more quickly now, the man goes to his home office, hoping his PC has been spared. The office too is empty, except for a wire that seems to rise from the floor and go through the ceiling. The wire is red and glows sporadically. The windows are gone and he can feel the wind ripping through the room.

Near the rear entrance of the house he finds a dead cat and a red disk with word “eject” on it. Strange, he thought, I do not have a cat.

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Damnation Midi PackDevelopment, MusicFair 6.8January 16th, 2002

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