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Counter Strike CTF

Hunt terrorists in this D-Mod version of the hit Counter Strike. Fight your way through the harsh desert, looking for the enemy flag... and encounter a surprising end-boss...
Released:August 14th, 2002
File Size:1.15 MB
Release Notes:Demo
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August 14th, 2002
Score : 6.0 fair
CounterStrike is an alternate hero type game that takes advantage of the dink engine and Redink's enemy shoot. It would seem you play a commando, and your mission is to simply capture the enemy flag...not that difficult, but with some twists. Your weapons are a pistol and an assault rifle (i think, they are deffinately guns of some sort). For the map, the author used some spiffy new gfx that look like a Palm V with a GPS, very cool looking.

Also differnt are the status bars on the bottom, new fonts, colors, and added meters to show amount of ammo left. One of the twists is you must buy ammo for your weapons, which means you must kill enough bad guys to collect gold. It takes quite a few shots to down these guys, but their shots are really not well aimed, and their chances of killing you are next to nothing. There are also a few pillbugs, they are a little harder to kill with a gun, and they attack better than the terrorists do.

Also in the graphics department, the main character and his enemies are new. They are pretty good, yet cartoonish and seem to glide on the screen and do not walk. The boss is well done, but again, he seems to float. The menu is very different, but I thought it was poorly done..but who the hell plays these games for the menus, right?

I think there was only one track, it fit the theme well, and since it is a short dmod, more was not needed.

I'm afraid that some reviewers may grade this poorly based on both the size of the dmod, and the less than terrific graphics, but I think it contained some great ideas, some new enemies with a new way to kill them, and an obvious effort.

As another reviewer noted, this would make a great dmod if the mission and map were larger. I played it through twice, so there is a bit of a replayability factor, and it is well worth the download.