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Dinky Dimensions 2: End of Time

The best loading screen ever. From the COTPATD project.
June 24th, 2002
Score : 8.9 good
EOT2 has one of the best storyline you can find in a dmod, epic or quest. Like FIAT, EOT2 had a nice flash introduction. (Note: redink1 took it out on v2.01.) Dink was sent to one of King Eric's towns in response of people over there. Then...

Compared with FIAT, the first part of Dinky Dimensions trilogy, EOT2 is much smaller and less innovatory. However the game is more self-centered and "spiritual". I don't quite know why Dink needs to kill Seth AND his mom and Milder (or their imaginary ones) in the spirit land (at the same time), but I guess there is something there for people to think. I was hoping that I can do something different than kill them in cold blood. You can buy a few magic tricks (only one depending on the gold you have) or a fire bow, but without a tough boss in the end, none of them are of great use. What a shame! Since you can't get high magic level without cheat, hellfire magic is not that useful, either. (not necessary, either)

Overall, the game is great. It does not have repeat missions like FIAT did in various dungeons. It is certainly stable and almost bugs-free (v2.01). Redink1 treated EOT2 as a bridge between FIAT and HR. However, to me, it should introduce more things here so that people can know better about what has happened between King Daniel and King Eric. It should offer a little more fighting and submissions so that people can enjoy the power of invincible magic or other fancy stuffs.

The ending is interesting since no one else would dare to kill Dink even you did everything right. (One of the ending in AGAE would kill Dink, but Dink can be saved if you do enough things before you defeat the final boss.)

Standing alone, EOT2 is a nice well-written little dmod. Being a part of a trilogy, it seems a little weak.
July 9th, 2004
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Very... dark. Thats the word. Dink is just so detached from the stuff he has to do, and with reason. For example: Dink finds a goblin, "Frank" in a cage. "Frank" tells you that he has a key to the next area which he will give to you if you free him. He tells you that he is a good goblin and that "the bad humans put Frank in cege just for being bad... my head hurt from think now." Dink doesn't see his quest to see Frank as particularly noble (it isn't). He has to get a device known as the "Pure Evil Hammer (C)" to free Frank, and when the freeing is done, Frank does not leave the cage because "this is my home... the bad men lock frank in his home." Even though the puzzles are entertaining, there is absolutely no reason to solve them except to further the plot. You aren't saving Nadine's little girl from a deranged cult; instead, you're finding a golden apple for a man who has no reason for needing a golden apple and giving a slayer claw to an apple tree that doesn't need a slayer claw.

The overall mood thus builds up to the very dark, humorous ending...
9.5 because the fighting was too easy and the game as a whole lacked that compellingness needed for a 9.9
March 16th, 2004
Score : 9.0 exceptional
This has been the best DMOD i've played since the original Dink Smallwood. Very good story line, great map, actually had a use for the gold found, nice mix of hidden/secret things. Found no bugs or hardness errors. A few side quests made it more interesting. The only part I didn't like was the ending, Dink's death.
May 1st, 2002
Score : 8.9 good
Cool follow-up to Fiat. Part 2 of the Dinky Dimentions series is much smaller and less inventive but pretty dang good none the less. Some new graphics, and music you have come to expect from redink's mods, nothing flashy, but they don't annoy the heck out of you. Game play was great, the plot had a nice flow, and the enemies were just hard enough. There is a cool maze in this d-mod with pesty tiny pillbugs, and a dream sequence that utilizes some of those new graphics. This d-mod is a must even for those that haven't played FIAT. The only quirk was the end. I didn't know if it was the end, or if I did something wrong and got an alternate ending. Part 3 will wrap up Dinky Dimentions, and I'm sure it too will be a great mod.
February 15th, 2002
Score : 8.8 good
Peasant Male Australia
A very nice medium sized DMOD. No bugs. A bit too much walking around unless you armed yourself with a couple of bombs and slayer claws. I enjoyed this one so much more than FIAT, although FIAT has so much more in it. Strange? Hmmm, less is more, so they say.

Graphics - new ones, including a dream world - oh that REDRUM!
Midis, similar in style to FIAT, yet not as annoying for me.
Weapons and items, a few new ones always a welcome addition.

Overall it is a... relaxing DMOD. Downer ending, (unless there are multiple endings)

High points are the cut scenes, these are long and very well done.

If you want a DMOD that isn't going to tax your brain, but still has a great dare I say professional, quality level. Go for it. Redink1 has delivered what you're looking for.