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2002-12-22 09:32:57
What an extensive and varied thread! Here are my thoughts (not that anyone cares )

At this time of year it is in very poor taste to insult, or make fun of, a person's religious beliefs. It is childish, and for anyone whose belief is vital, it is painful. The decision to remove such posts from view was one of respect for those using the board. This may amount to censorship, but I'm sure if one wanted to (re) read the thread, that redink1 would arrange to have it viewable. Thus not censored, but protective.

I think we all agree that we should be able to say whatever we feel. But it is not okay to hurt someone just to see how it feels, just for fun, just to get a reaction. We should be cautious of others feelings at all times. The ability to do this is an intrinsic part of being HUMAN. Personally, I strive to be a GOOD HUMAN.

Now for politics... Almost all political philosophies are "the best" until you put people into the story. Communism, socialism, capitalism, democracy, anarchism, facism, etc. are all very good ideas, but greed and self-importance always ruin it. You can't have politics without people, so no form of government will ever work perfectly. I live in Canada, arguably one of the best places to live in the world... an interesting mix of socialism and democracy that works most of the time. But still far from perfect.

I'm done!