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Pirates of Portown

The pirates are still attacking. Just one person can stop them.
Released:October 31st, 2002
File Size:377.73 KB
Release Notes:v1.1
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October 30th, 2002
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant She/Her
Pirates are attacking Portown and King Daniel asks Dink to defeat the pirates.

Storyline: There is one quest to this adventure and it is well worked out. There are a few subquests that serve the main quest.

Map and graphics: No new graphics. The map is quite empty in the beginning of the story, but later on it is nicely decorated.

Music: The music is excellent. I recognise the midi’s, but I don not know what source they come from. But it suits the different situations really good.

Good: It is small sized; both the adventure and the map - so you do not have to walk endlessly or wander aimlessly - but despite its small size there are still quite a few things to do. The intro scene is familiar, but made in a different way. This time you can walk up to King Daniel yourself, and you have to walk over to him before the intro starts. And although Martridge is mentioned, this time it is King Daniel who warps Dink to the place where the adventure starts since Martridge taught him the warp spell. Real nice.

Not so good: You finish it rather quickly; it is over before you know it. A savebot before or at least in between the end knights would have been handy. There is not much excitement in this D-mod, perhaps because it is rather small.

Overall: A nice adventure.

Fit for: If you like small sized adventures, this is a good download.
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