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2002-10-31 21:25:01
: : As I have posted, I am learning the fine art of DMOD creation.  From what I read, I downloaded WinDinkEdit to make my DMOD.  I threw a couple stones on tile 400 as well as modified the intro screen.  I was giddy when I ran it.  There was my Dink walking around stones I placed there!  Anyway.    WinDinkEdit doesn't seem to be very user-intuitive.  I am NOT the kind of person that usually needs a manual to figure out a piece of software, but this one is killing me.  For instance, I'll hit the 'e' key to get into sprite mode.  I'll pick a kind of sprite, say a stone, and I get a screen with several to choose from.  When I go back to the sprite mode, I get the stones again and can't get back to the main sprite selection screen.  I have hit 'Ctrl+number key' and got different background tile selections, but the other sprites such as fences and people don't want to reappear.  Is there a manual on WinDinkEdit?  Better question: is WDE the best editor to even be using?  Is there a better one?  What's it called?  Where is it?  Many TIA!  Oh, I have a preliminary name of Life As Dink Smallwood (LADS) for this DMOD.  Thanx!

: Yeah, WinDinkedit has a pretty fscked up user interface... one of these days I'm going to simplify it and such.  Gary and WC didn't care to make it user-friendly.

: Check out the readme.txt that is included with it... it should tell you how to do pretty much everything you need to.

: As for other editors... you could use the original DinkEdit, which has a better interface than WDE in some ways (it tells you on the bottom of the screen some of the useful keys), and worse in others.

: Good luck with your D-Mod.

Thanks for the hint. I couldn't get DinkEdit to run. My screen goes black like it's going to load, but then I get kicked back to Windows. I don't know what the deal with it is?

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