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Love to play Dink. Love football, hunting, fishing, computers . . . and Dink, of course!

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2002-11-01 14:13:05
I know this is really, really basic, but I am having trouble getting a sprite to talk. I am using WinDinkEdit. The sprite is a tree. It has no brain. I am using CEdit to write scripts. Here is what I wrote:

say("I am glad you are here, Dink", 1);

I also tried:

void say("I am glad you are here, Dink", 1);

Using WDE, I attached this script (called test.c) to the tree. However, it doesn't make the tree speak. I know this is basic, but I need some help. Also, how do I add graphics? I want to add like a hole in the mountain side for Dink to crawl thru. The hole is not inthe sprite inventory of WDE. How do I get WDE to recognize the hole so I can add it? Thanx!

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