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2002-11-05 21:49:34
: : How do I add sprites to the Dink pallette?  I am using PaintShop Pro 7.  TIA!

: I'm sorry, what are you trying to ask?

: Do you mean add COLORS to the palette?

: or CONVERT images to the pallete?

: or add sprites to a D-MOD?

: or something else?

: I'm guessing you mean the second one, the asnwer to that question is this. Open a graphic already in the Dink palette (Splash.bmp in the DinkTiles folder for example) and select Colors -> Save Palette from the menu. Then open what you want converted and select Colors -> Load Palette. You want to use either Error defusion or Nearest color matching. The former useually looks better, but you can always just try both.

That's part of it. I also want to know how to add an image so that it'll come up on the sprite selection screens in (Win)DinkEdit. Is there a specific folder I add an image to? TIA!

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