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Love to play Dink. Love football, hunting, fishing, computers . . . and Dink, of course!

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2002-11-05 20:20:43
: : 1.  What is the best editor for creating DMODs?  I am using WinDinkEdit, but find it doesn't have all the tiles that the original DinkEdit has.  It only has the original 1-9 tile sets.  Ctrl+number, Alt+number and Shift+number does not yield any tiles.  Frustrating.  Is there a better one?

: Actually, WinDinkedit puts 4 times as meny tiles on each screen unless I'm mistaken.

: : 2.  Is CEdit the best C editor?  I heard there is one that color codes the coding to help you out.  Is there a better one out there?

: : I've had fun experimenting and have the first screen about done.  Woo-hoo!    Anyway, thanx for the input!

: I've just been usng notepad all along so I'll let someone else answer this one.

Yeah, they are all on the same tile screens. I didn't see them all before. Cool. But how about the CEdit? Is there a better one out there?

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