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2002-11-10 20:55:06
: OK, some of you know that I have been working on a small program to convert batches of images to the dink palette. well, i finally completed my first test!!

: THe only problem is, i have no idea how the first resulkts compare with using adobe photoshop...

: I have _just_ converted the palette, no other operations at this stage. i could apply some enhancment filters, maybe a slight blur, and then a sharpen?? i don't know, please tell me what you think! the two pictures are:

: (the original file)

: and

: (the converted image)

: maybe someone could download one.bmp and convert it with something else, and post it, so i can compare results??

: thanks...

I converted the image using 3 different programs (PaintShop Pro 7, MGI PhotoSuite & an obscure program called 20/20). MGI wouldn't do the conversion! It still had the original image I used from Dink. Oh well. The results are on the web at these addresses: <-- still the rock from Dink <-- did the best!

Hope this helps you!

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