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Pirates of Portown

October 24th, 2002
Score : 8.6 good
POP has the makings of a great quest or epic if the builder wants to build on it. The gameplay is fun with classic Dink characters. A lot of the music is from one of my favorite CDs so playing the game was even more enjoyable.

Strengths: Good music. LOTS of power-ups in special areas. Not too hard. Not too easy.

Weaknesses: A screen or two did not match and I wound up in a void of some sort. Scary. The people of the town needed a long time to appear and be triggered to do certain things I needed to progress in the game. The final Priate moves like lightning. Maybe if Dink had Herb Boots to match?

Overall: A fun DMOD that kept me going for a few hours. Definitely worth the time to download.