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Pirates of Portown

October 30th, 2002
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Female
Pirates are attacking Portown and King Daniel asks Dink to defeat the pirates.

Storyline: There is one quest to this adventure and it is well worked out. There are a few subquests that serve the main quest.

Map and graphics: No new graphics. The map is quite empty in the beginning of the story, but later on it is nicely decorated.

Music: The music is excellent. I recognise the midi’s, but I don not know what source they come from. But it suits the different situations really good.

Good: It is small sized; both the adventure and the map - so you do not have to walk endlessly or wander aimlessly - but despite its small size there are still quite a few things to do. The intro scene is familiar, but made in a different way. This time you can walk up to King Daniel yourself, and you have to walk over to him before the intro starts. And although Martridge is mentioned, this time it is King Daniel who warps Dink to the place where the adventure starts since Martridge taught him the warp spell. Real nice.

Not so good: You finish it rather quickly; it is over before you know it. A savebot before or at least in between the end knights would have been handy. There is not much excitement in this D-mod, perhaps because it is rather small.

Overall: A nice adventure.

Fit for: If you like small sized adventures, this is a good download.
September 13th, 2004
Score : 8.5 good
One of the first D-mod's i finished (without using a Walkthrough)

To start of, this is my first review (Just a note.)

The graphics: I didn't manage to find any new graphics, probably because there were no new graphics, but that's ok - I like Dink the way it is!

Story: I really like the story in this one, even though it's not quite "new". It's the kind of "Dink saves everybody" type.

+ ; Game kept you going without ever wanna quit. Atleast it had that effect on me.

- ; The minus of this game was probably that you had so little space to move on, a little wider world would be fine, that also means, that the game was a bit short. It would be much better if there were 2 storys, that were linked.

Since my computer have no soundcard i can't review the Midi files.

All In All, this is one of my favorite D-mods, and i would rate it 9,5 if
the map was bigger, and a wider story. That's all.
.: Pirates of Portown :.

July 20th, 2004
Score : 7.5 good
Peasant Male Norway steam
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.: pirates of Portown :.

Plot ink must kill the pirates adn kill the leader.

graphics:No new graphics in this one

midis:The midis fit the situation somwhere, but it were som places it didnt fit so well.

Bugs:Hmm i didnt find one.

overall:A D-Mod with lot of fighting!
March 23rd, 2004
Score : 3.4 tolerable
Peasant Female
Too hard to kill pirate captain, too many fights, I went to level 8 just to get more power to kill them there captian of the pirates skids across the room like he is on a skate board I tried from all angles to kill him, I tried several times my hair hurts, my nerves are shot. I don't think I will continue this one.
October 24th, 2002
Score : 8.6 good
POP has the makings of a great quest or epic if the builder wants to build on it. The gameplay is fun with classic Dink characters. A lot of the music is from one of my favorite CDs so playing the game was even more enjoyable.

Strengths: Good music. LOTS of power-ups in special areas. Not too hard. Not too easy.

Weaknesses: A screen or two did not match and I wound up in a void of some sort. Scary. The people of the town needed a long time to appear and be triggered to do certain things I needed to progress in the game. The final Priate moves like lightning. Maybe if Dink had Herb Boots to match?

Overall: A fun DMOD that kept me going for a few hours. Definitely worth the time to download.
October 23rd, 2002
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant Female Canada
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Pirates of Portown: Dink must save the town (??) from the Pirates(??).

The Good: A nice clean, sharp game, with familiar music, and a rather *sneaky* way of following directions. For example. killing the first knight, right away is a "death wish". Dink must wield his sword, and wield it in the right sequence, or you will end up going in circles. No bugs that I could find.

The Bad: Nothing new, scenery wise, not many houses for a town, and the pirates looked liked knights. No BIG surprises that jump out at you, or any real secret *secrets* and the last pirate to beat was easily beatable.

Overall: A nice little Dmod, and if you like swordplay, this will be your type of game.