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Rudiments of Scripting (The)

November 6th, 2002
Score : 9.0 exceptional
I am one of the people this type of file is designed for. That is, I am learning how to make DMODs for people to play. I found this file EXTREMELY useful. It was a little windy in some places and seemed to repeat a few points, which is a reason I didn't give it a 10. It is in MS Word format so I could easily copy & paste the parts I needed into a separate document and print it. Very cool! I'm glad people take their personal time to help others learn what they know. I noticed a few grammatical errors, but it in no way interfered with the teaching so it was no big deal.

If you're wanting to learn about scripting a DMOD, get this file! Whether you know anything about C++ or not, this file will get you on the road to scripting some cool stuff. These well-explained examples and your imagination will make it work for you.