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Pilgrim's Quest

Dink's holidays are interrupted when he comes across the remains of a brutal raiding party. He agrees to help the sole surviving woman complete her journey to the Monastery.

*Best download of october 2002*

*Best D-Mod of 2002*

Released:November 25th, 2003
File Size:33.69 MB
Release Notes:v1.41
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November 14th, 2002
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant Female Canada
We can out-drink most Americans! 
Pilgrim’s Quest

Dink tries to save a young girl, while on his way to his vacation.

The Good: A follow-up to SimonK’s Stone of Balance. I decided to play the “R” version. Dink starts off on this adventure, not only with a strength, defense, and magic, but also a luck and honour, in which you are given a choice, to increase as the game progressed. There were several different scenarios, such as fire world (my fav), ice world, quizworld, deadworld and the Chamber of Doom. Several new monsters were added to this game, while all the old ones vanished, except for the scorpions, and red slimers. ( No slayers, slimers or boncas). Some of the clues were hard, some were easier. I am sure I missed a few small caves and such, as I wandered through these vast almost mazelike lands. All sorts of swords were available to use as well as those stars (yes I finally bought the death stars), with depending on how much money you had, you could buy pretty well anything. Spells were needed and caused some confusion finding them, when sent on mini-quest. And there were quite a few mini-quests and lots of save spots. (So I saved several spots in case I made a huge blunder <which I did>, so I wouldn’t have to start all over again.
I did enjoy the new enemies ( i.e. rabbit, duckbot etc.), but I think my biggest surprise was the priest, who actually looked like a priest. Most of the “secret words” were pretty good ( didn’t understand the “mirror”)
And lots of twists and turns to keep the most diligent Dinker playing.

The Bad: Some bugs which SimonK made a patch for, almost as soon as they were found. Some small bugs, where I seem to get stuck in a rock or something, and what’s with that Skard? Hopefully her role will be explained further in the next part. I was worried as I had an older computer, but it just went slower as I approached and BIG kills or secrets. The size of the game seemed to be larger than the original Dink Smallwood and downloading it gave some people problems.

Overall: We got what we wanted. A huge Epic that hopefully satisfied everyone, and as I look at all my scribbled notes, I might take another stab at the game, but this time playing the “M” version. Great Work, SimonK!

As an added note...I didn't use any of the "cheat"
stuff, my Dink died at least 100 times and I cursed SimonK's name when I was walking about in circles, looking for some insane thing.
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