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Pilgrim's Quest

Dink's holidays are interrupted when he comes across the remains of a brutal raiding party. He agrees to help the sole surviving woman complete her journey to the Monastery.

*Best download of october 2002*

*Best D-Mod of 2002*

Released:November 25th, 2003
File Size:33.69 MB
Release Notes:v1.41
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December 14th, 2003
Score : 9.8 exceptional
This is my second review, the first one was Stone of Balance. And I was thinking that no D-MOD would be better than SOB. Well, looks like his best one is his last one. I will look forward hopping he can keep that rate of improvement.

The start over thing has been fixed. You still can blow things up or think you blowed. And there is no boring levels. I started over once and enjoyed the opportunity to replay the level. Now some levels are connected making 3 vast sections filled with secrets to discover.

The adult content is now in an acceptable level. Nothing like the Brad Stallion level Six from SOB.
The riddles (interesting choice for a trademark) now have hints, you can choose burn your brain out guessing or go to the nearest NPC and get an incredible easy hint - almost a cheat

There are some eastern egg secrets that will make your life a lot easier in the beginning but you can live without them. Just the way it should be.

No need to resort to walktrhough to finish this one. You can tune the difficult by picking the high level weapons. Once you buy the top level Death Star you enter in some sort of God Mode - nothing can stop you. This weapon and the spot with never ending enemies are indeed an ingame cheat

The game have everything to please the most demanding player. It not only put a lot of new graphics, monsters and concepts it also improve old Dink stuff like the burning trees.

Start: Fill me in
A very good start plus some secrets.

Section one: Fire and Ice
This Slurpers dont fit in the landscape. Looks like they are missing something... maybe hair?
The weather, the transition from fire to ice in the landscape, the colored slimes, the boss, the bad end, the NPCs that dont let you get stuck. A lot new. All well done.

Section two: Port Town and Sea
You build and make use of your new stats, You can learn a powerful and dangerous spell, You can sail, you can fight sea monsters, you can fight a red dragon that looks real. You can put a whole frigate in your backpack!

Section three: Deadworld
Nice job with the landscape and trees. Top level magic except for the waste of experience points.

End: Chamber of Haste
Not really an end. I think Deadworld and Chamber of Doom is an anticipation of SOB3 to let the player in a better situation than the real end of the Quest in section two and to avoid a lot of curse

Overal: Fantastic. Top of the Shelf.
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