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Dink hopping when he shouldn't in ver 1.44

Pilgrim's Quest

April 23rd, 02:47 AM
Peasant He/Him Australia
Okay, so the latest - ver 1.44 - upload has a bug with Dink walking - he hops and he shouldn't

So I'm going to see why and fix this


Two things caused this, left some set_sprite_info lines in dink.ini I shouldn't have, and didn't allow correctly for loading of saved games if you are in the middle of finding the Basilisk underwater. Not to bore you with details, but I was using init() to reset the depth dot position and then reset it, but I stuffed up.

Going to have to remove those init lines, as messing with them seems to screw things up royally (meaning I can't see why just replacing them doesn't fix things).

Will upload shortly


So, have removed the init() lines which on a quick testing has returned Dink back to normal. I think I know sort of what was going wrong, I was assuming Dink is walking without a sword, so when I was restoring the walking set_sprite_info lines it was messing up - although why this was happening on starting a new game I haven't figured out yet. Creating new graphics of Dink walking underwater is a better way to go, but That's 8 directions with fist (64 images) and 8 with sword (another 64 images)... way too many for me to contemplate right now. I could try checking what weapon Dink has... sigh... all because it is possible to reload a game with the escape key, (which should be able to get around with a script change) but then there is the Quicksave and Quickload in DinkHD... I feel like Officer Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon.
April 23rd, 12:05 PM
Peasant He/Him bloop
Fantastic - I'll give it a go!!

Strange, it might be my DinkHD installation, but there's no smooth animation when changing screens...

Edit: must be my DinkHD. Same problem with the main game as well.

Edit 2: totally my bad. I'm not that familiar with DinkHD. Apparantly there's an option for "smooth screen scrolling".