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Peasant Male Poland
D-mods played & finished:

Agatha Smallwood's Will
An Age of Darkness
As Good as Eternity
Attack of the Mutant Veggies
Blood Scorpions
A Call to Greatness
Cast Awakening Part 1 (one ending reached)
Cloud Castle
Crosslink (wish there was a full version)
Dink and the Bonca
Dink gets Bored (also wish there was a full version)
Dink goes boating
Dinky Dimensions: FIAT
Dinky Dimensions: The end of time
Grasp of Darkness
Historical Hero
Historical Hero II
Lost in Dink
Quest for Dorinthia - both full parts: Special edition and second one (wish the 3rd one was a full version)
Malachi the Jerk
The Blacksmith's Trail
The Fall of Tahmar
The Quest for Cheese
Zach the Marine

(List still incomplete, I had an idea of creating it recently and I have to check which d-mods I finished already).

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2014-06-02 10:03:43
Peasant Male Poland
I am playing the version I just downloaded from the site, it is 2.0. I accepted the quest to kill the slayer that was stealing food from the village, before going to the cave near the well I talked about it with the farmer woman and I also found the good wizard's house nearby and also talked to him. He said that I must kill the slayer first, so I went to the cave, killed the slayer, had a small talk with the evil wizard, returned to the village, talked to the farmer woman that said that I need to talk to the wizard but when I went to his house all he says is "Please help us Dink".

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A D-Mod with a big potential SilenceFeaturedGood 7.0November 5th, 2016