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Peasant Male Poland
D-mods played & finished:

Agatha Smallwood's Will
An Age of Darkness
As Good as Eternity
Attack of the Mutant Veggies
Blood Scorpions
A Call to Greatness
Cast Awakening Part 1 (one ending reached)
Cloud Castle
Crosslink (wish there was a full version)
Dink and the Bonca
Dink gets Bored (also wish there was a full version)
Dink goes boating
Dinky Dimensions: FIAT
Dinky Dimensions: The end of time
Grasp of Darkness
Historical Hero
Historical Hero II
Lost in Dink
Quest for Dorinthia - both full parts: Special edition and second one (wish the 3rd one was a full version)
Malachi the Jerk
The Blacksmith's Trail
The Fall of Tahmar
The Quest for Cheese
Zach the Marine

(List still incomplete, I had an idea of creating it recently and I have to check which d-mods I finished already).

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2016-11-28 09:24:44
Peasant Male Poland
So it's a quadrature of the circle-type issue...

Recently I was discussing this problem in the context of The Black Skull D-Mod, where the game constantly freezes at certain points, like for example talking to the wizard for the first time or even earlier while examining the sign near Dink's pub.

During that discussion scratcher wrote me this:

"Ahh, the freeze bug, the most classic bug. =)

Does it always happen with the wizard, or only in certain conversation options? I think I got further in the game than that, although it's possible I used the console to do it. (In FreeDink, you can hit Alt+C to open the command console, then type unfreeze(1) to give control back to Dink)."

And later:

"Make sure you're actually launching Dink with Freedink, ie. in DFArc, go to Edit->Options and check that the 'game program name' field says freedink.exe instead of dink.exe.

Pressing LeftAlt+C in the game should make a number with a white background appear in the bottom-left corner, after which you can type in DinkC commands (like unfreeze(1))."

The problem is that I never made it actually work, that number never appears and I cannot type the commands, even while using Freedink as a base program for the game.

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A very good base for further development Dink Hotel (The)NormalFair 6.1November 2nd, 2019
A D-Mod with a big potential SilenceFeaturedGood 7.0November 5th, 2016