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Between the Shadows

A rendered introduction to an upcoming D-Mod.
Released:February 12th, 2000
File Size:6.86 MB
Release Notes:Intro
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June 30th, 2002
Score : 9.5 exceptional
These graphics are excellent. No, better, OUTSTANDING. They are completly 3D and that's the strength of this intro. Silencer has worked hard to make this!

The HIGH quality graphics made by Silencer.
The 3D is well done too. This intro was worth my hd space. This is a MUST HAVE intro. This intro is the best of all. I wish I could
make such graphics. There was a little bug in the game. I wanna know what program Silencer used to make these graphics.

This intro was a little big. People with 56kb modems or such wouldnt download a gigantic file just to see a intro of a dmod that will never be released ( I think it will never be released ) Some graphics doesnt look smooth, you can see the lines. This intro didnt explain the storyline and thats what a intro should do.
Press the spacebar when playing. little bug.

This is a very good intro indeed. A must have for all dinkers. Great job Silencer. I hope you will make that dmod someday...

Total - 9.5

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