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Just a old (53) guy looking for that 'retro' feel!!

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2011-01-15 17:23:19
Since we're nitpicking,,,who's the one with the nits?

1)Matrice's walkthrough doesn't seem at all clear on how to get the SabreTrout weapon.

2)The knight puzzle seems to be glitched. Bottom row,,, (17733) 1st hit on #7 doesn't do anything. Doesn't this puzzle open up the training area? (FireSword?)

3)The "coin 'back+forth' puzzle" doesn't seem at all apparent to someone not wanting to use a walkthrough! The 3rd clue (LOTS?) is vague at best.

Now,,don't get a hair across your azz people, I don't author D-Mods! But a D-Mod of this caliber should have a clear and concise walkthrough 1,,,2 There will probably be another generation of gamers who wanna go 'retro' and they should be able to have a fun time with this mod. Editing a text file for a walkthrough isn't rocket science.But fixing hardness errors and other glitches is I bet! My hat goes off to you modders, but on the highly rated mods, I wish you would take the time to perfect them for posterity!
I've modded my own planes in MS Combat Flight Sim and I know what's involved! (Code changing in Notepad)

Sorry if it seemed like I was ranting..Starlynx57