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Peasant Female Mexico
I'm an American, disabled and retired early, living in Mexico. I'm not the only Dinker here, though, because I've lived with an indigenous Huichol family as my houseguests for the past eight years, and the two boys love Dink! Even though they can't read any of the text. Their baby sister will probably develop her own Dink fanatacism - given time. They love Dink, even if all they can do is roam around splatting monsters. I have to keep the more lewd stuff out of their reach, though.

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2013-10-22 16:07:48
Peasant Female Mexico
Thanks - I did get rid of the extra DMOD. I remember you, cocomonkey, from years ago. I've been a Dink fan for many years. You're more than just a fan. You're competent in making DMODs, which, to me, is pure magic in its own way.

The original front end I refer to is the one which came with the original Dink download.

The "administrative privileges" aspect of this OS is a prime nuisance. Nobody uses my PC but me. Oddly, it's the malware that gets in which is able to bypass that feature.

With my new tower, I also got a used monitor - an old one with a much bigger screen. That could be part of it.

To Quiztis - you're right, but all that means is that planned obsolescence is more powerful than patching and improving 98SE, so it can use the newer software. I've used it for years, and now, with W7, I'm frustrated and furious at all the takeaways. Before going back, tho, I may give Ubuntu a try. Without DOS, I doubt any OS is better than 98SE. DOS itself should have been upgraded, not the OSs that use it.

W98 was a much better OS. The new ones have bells and whistles that I usually don't need or want, but they distract people from what they took away: control. We're supposed to trust Windows to make all corrections.

I learned the hard way. Once I let scandisk fix errors automatically because I had hundreds of files and folders with something wierd attached. What I got was every single file and folder on my system TRUNCATED. I'm still renaming the document files, four years later.

I'm going to try some of the suggestions, and hope one works.

Be back.

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