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Peasant Female Mexico
I'm an American, disabled and retired early, living in Mexico. I'm not the only Dinker here, though, because I've lived with an indigenous Huichol family as my houseguests for the past eight years, and the two boys love Dink! Even though they can't read any of the text. Their baby sister will probably develop her own Dink fanatacism - given time. They love Dink, even if all they can do is roam around splatting monsters. I have to keep the more lewd stuff out of their reach, though.

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2007-04-09 19:53:58
Peasant Female Mexico
You nailed it, Madstalker - I had ticked the "make log file" so I could see when the DMOD ran into troubles with music files. Unticking it did the trick.

Thanks a BUNCH.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the sound card, the original Dink game and the DMODs themselves. Still no .midis and the problems seem to be consistent in all adventures. But they do not exist for any other game or utility on my system. So why just Dink stuff?

The .mids in my DMODS are somehow conflicting with a problem on my PC. They all played just fine before the last format of C.

I've diddled like crazy with anything concerning sound - including reinstalling DirectX. No cigar.

Something in the Dink games is different. If I knew what it is, it might guide me to the cause of the problem. I have occasional other sound issues with my PC, but the ones with Dink make most adventures unplayable.

If a .mid file does play with that popup I mentioned, it'll sometimes freeze entirely when I walk him into an adjacent map tile.

I had hoped Simon K. could explain the reference to that file MMSYSTEM.dll but with numbers before the extension (MMSYSTEM304.dll or MMSYSTEM296.dll, and others for different DMODs). How can it call for a file the DMOD does not provide and which is not standard on the OS? Yet at one time, it must have, because Pilgrim worked just fine. How could it have?

Thanks for the help,
Holly B.

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