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Rescued CThunik from the jail cell.What next?

Pilgrim's Quest

May 27th 2011, 01:49 AM
I have almost reached the end of this D-MOD (as far as the walkthrough goes) and have rescued CThunik from the jail cell after leaving the bloody river.However,I am unsure of what to do next.In this area,I have killed all the frogbots,collected the potions and now it seems I have nothing which can be done except killing the zombie which lies one screen to the north of where I currently am(I am currently at the screen of the SAVE in that area).How do I go about from here? I cannot figure out how to kill that Zombie.He always manages to kill not just me but Skard too.I cannot get back on the boat too.

My stats(with current magic set to hellfire and current weapon set to dark throwing star) are:

Level: 16
Experience: 5142/25600
Gold: 20371

Magic available:

Items available:
Herb boots
Scroll to prevent/cure stone magic(unable to read properly though)
Blue key
Light sword
Short sword
Dark throwing star
Lucky dice

Frog disguise,CThunik's sleep spell and Skard's attack works properly whenever called upon.

I play Dink Smallwood version 1.08 with PQ version 1.41 in Linux (FreeDink package)
May 29th 2011, 10:34 AM
This will be a difficult fight. I'd suggest making sure Skard stays out of this fight, as she's likely to get killed very fast. Remember that when you fight the necrobot, it can only damage you if it hits you with its weapon, you will *not* take damage if it just touches you, meaning that you can safely run through the necrobot to dodge its attacks.

I found two ways to beat it with your stats : First, your Dark Throwing Star will occasionally do a bit of damage. So you can have Cthunik cast sleep as soon as you enter the screen, hit the necrobot a few times, then cast sleep again. Then just get away from it, hit it again a few times, cast sleep again, and so on. If you are careful, you can kill it without losing a single hitpoint. However, I sometimes ran into a bug while using this method : the sleep spells wouldn't work properly after too many of them were used, and once that happened, the necrobot wouldn't drop the key either.
The second way takes more time and will likely be harder, but at least it's not buggy : just use the herb boots to fight the necrobot. Sometimes you will take 1 hitpoint off it when you hit it. When it has lost 60 hitpoints, it will die, so you will need to hit it a lot. I suggest running away immediately after you hit it, so that it doesn't hurt you. If you can't run away from it because you're too close to a wall, just use the trick I mentioned above - run through it. It will likely attack you, but if you're fast enough you'll be away from it before the blow lands.
Also, be careful not to get too close to the edge of the screen when fighting... Seeing Dink leave the screen when the necrobot is almost defeated can be very annoying.

Good luck!
June 4th 2011, 03:39 AM
Many thanks for the reply.I will surely try these methods.

Also,when I select the light sword as my current weapon,my strength shoots up to 39.Can I use the light sword to kill that necrobot,maybe in combination with some magic?
December 21st 2012, 11:59 PM
I prefer the herb boots method, although I usually build my strength to at least 19 while in the land of Punz.