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2005-07-05 05:14:10
Well, if you insist...

1. Yes, it is possible to leave the screen while fighting Kurt. In this case, you are stuck and won't be able to go back.

2.You can't get the water bottle in the slayer shapeshifter's house in the oasis, and thus you cannot get the map of Salamak from The Watcher in town.

3.The Fabian, Alessa, and Dertin scripts are missing a }. This might prevent you from solving the Fabian subquest.

4.It is possible to solve the Dertina subquest several times (You can get endless experience from this).

5. In the Temple of the Ancients, on the third floor ( the one with the duck statues ), in the library, you can only read the books if the Boncas are alive, not if they are dead. That doesn't make much sense ( If you try to read them while the Boncas are dead, Dink will say something like 'Too many monsters !' or something like that. That should be backwards).

6. The Goblin village is weird to say the least. Sometimes, after solving the 'Tomb' main quest, you can enter the Goblin Village. The Goblins are still alive but they say nothing, they do nothing, they're just wandering around. They don't even attack you.

7. After freeing Cthilmor, a live goblin can be seen in the Goblin Village. Shouldn't he be dead? (NOTE : This may be outdated, you might already have fixed this bug in the latest version, but I don't think so)

8. Kurgor does nothing if you attack him after the Scarab 7/Goblin meeting. If he sees you, you're dead because his guards will kill you, so this is not of utmost importance. I just thought you might be interested.

9. Dink does not freeze when talking to Paul Pliska, but nobody cares, I suppose. .

I'll let you know if I find more bugs.

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