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Alliance Command

A WarCraft II themed arcade-oriented shoot-em-up.
Released:December 5th, 1999
File Size:2.83 MB
Release Notes:v1.00
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May 20th, 2007
Score : 8.6 good
Story:N/A No story mentioned in the game but I will tell you a summary of the real version. Uther the knight of the Silver Hand fights orcs and undead to reach the large village of Lordaeron.

Gameplay:7.1:Good: I liked the gameplay of this game because i found the spells very amusing. I found it very easy to kill enemies though.

Style:8.1:Good: I liked the humor with the spells and i liked how you made everything look like the actual Warcraft II.

Graphics:5.0:Fair: All WarCraft II like. All graphics were different from the actual Dink Smallwood game but they were kinda a rip-off of WarCraft II.

Music:6.0:Fair: A few nide midis that i liked but other than that nothing special.

Overall:8.6:Good: A nice game that will kill an hour or so off your time. Maybe less. I personnally liked the game because I'm a WarCraft fan.

Fit for: Anybody who used to like WarCraft II, still does like WarCraft II or just wants to try out a weird version of Dink Smallwood.