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Peasant Male Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
I am Robj.

I started a channel on youtube in June, 2009 called 'DinkSmallwoodPT', it is home to many let's plays, Dmod tutorials and other style Dink Playthroughs, with guest appearances from random dinkers, and dmod authors.
For Dmod tutorial videos click here: Dmod Creation Tutorials
If you want to watch a playthrough for the original game, or a Dmod, you can probably find it at my channel: DinkSmallwoodPT. If there is a Dmod you would like to see a playthrough of, and it is not currently on the channel, than feel free to send me a private message on the forums and request it.

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2013-08-29 01:07:25
Peasant Male Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
As you know, in the past youtube has slammed copyright claims on a lot of Dink Smallwood related videos, which do not actually contain any copyrighted material, or any material that we don't have permission to use. Sometimes I would even try and get the videos back, by filing a dispute through youtubes 'copyright dispute' process, but even that is rigged, as they would just as quickly deny that, without any given reason.

After doing some research, it seems if you have written permission from the developer that youtube can see with their own eyes, and not just take your word for it, they will be forced to reinstate the video and remove whatever restrictions they have placed on the video. The problem with this was that a game developer does not have the time to write written permission for every single user, so that idea was useless. I then realised that a lot of game companies were making pages specifically stating they are fine with use of their content in videos, but will not respond to individual written permission requests. These pages worked just as well as individual written permission - just send youtube the link, they view the page and then reinstate the video.

That being said, I contacted Seth, and asked him to add a similar text stating the video policy for RTsoft, and he has done this, and added it to the 'about us' page for Rtsoft.
So, if you make videos, and you often run into this problem - from now on, if youtube claims copyright on a video containing Dink Smallwood Content, dispute the claim, and point them to the following link:
Rtsoft About Us

This will even allow you to monetize your video using ads through the youtube partnership program, if you are partnered. As I test, I tested this on my other gaming channel on youtube (which does have partnership status), of which I have some Dink Smallwood related videos, that were rejected for Advert monetisation due to 'copyright'. I have just disputed the claim with the reason 'I have written permission to use this content', and sent them the link above. I received an email from youtube stating the video is awaiting a final review to assure there is no other content other than the Dink Smallwood gameplay and my commentary, and than the videos full monetisation status will be restored.

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