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Historical Hero


Dink thinks he has bought a manor from the Islands of Derlicon, but he will soon notice that his house is just a piece of crap.
Introducting himself to his neighbours, he will soon find out that his father is inprisoned in the Castle of Glamour, on the very same island Dink lives now.

Help Dink wander around Derlicon, buy houses, help people, behead ducks, and most important... kick those Goblins' ass and save your father!

The Epic adventure begins now!
Released:October 1st, 2010
File Size:1.48 MB
Release Notes:Fixes an odd bug that happened in the earlier Silver versions.
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August 31st, 2011
SILVER 3.00.
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Jester He/Him Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
There aren't that many new epics lately, and I played through this not long ago, so I thought I'd review it now.

This Dmod is one of Skull's latest and it was one of the ones that showed he had greatly improved his Dmodding skills. It's difficult enough to succesfully completely make an epic Dmod, let alone make it enjoyable. This is mainly because it is very long, and you need to create a variety of different stories within a big story to keep it interesting, and this can become quite tedious.

I will not spoil anything, as per usual, but I will say this - the way the story starts is quite interesting straight up, as you instantly know this is a Dmod somewhat based around Dink's father. In my opinion, Dmods that try to further explain anything about the original game, it's characters, or it's events, instantly spark an interest in the player, fueled by curiosity as to what the Dmods author's opinion was on that particular event, so you keep on playing to find out, so this was a good strategy on Skulls part. Unfortunately, I think some of the 'little' stories(or side-quests, as they would normally be called) within the big story are a little repetetive, and the focus is more on keeping them moving, rather than paying specific attention to detail - I'm not saying all of them are like this, only a couple... most of them kept me well entertained. Overall, the story was well-done.

The graphics were used well, and then were a few new graphics, and some graphics used in 'new interesting ways'. I did notice however that some screens were a little plain and could have been a little more detailed, but this is understandable because it is easy to run out of ideas on a Dmod as big as this. The screens that were detailed were very well done, and there were a few particularly interesting ones that were quite unique, and I liked them a lot.

Game sounds and music
The game sounds were adequate and were used well. The music added to the scenery as well. There were only one or two themes that I think could have been better for the particular scenery in my opinion, but most of them were very well chosen.

Historical Hero is a very good attempt at an epic Dmod, and in my opinion, a very enjoyable one. I recommend you download this and play it. It will provide you with hours of entertainment.

Score: 9.0
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