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Maybe his cousin or long lost brother
A humorous zelda-like isometric RPG. Help Dink kill ducks and save the world. One of the unique features of Dink is its abilities to run Dink Modules (D-Mods) for unlimited adventures. DinkEdit is included with the game so you can make your own.

Play Dink on Linux and Mac with FreeDink.

Released:March 10th, 2006
File Size:15.37 MB
Release Notes:Dink Smallwood 1.08 is a community-made upgrade for Dink Smallwood, which fixes dozens of errors, improves compatibility, includes an integrated D-Mod installer / frontend, and supports true-color and windowed modes. And there are even several new features for D-Mod developers to use!
Let's Play (DSPT)

June 6th, 2002
Score : 9.8 exceptional
That is very cool game. Ive played it since it was released, but i havent internet browser. Of course, I beated Dink Smallwood , and played it again, again, again and again... Like RPG game its very good game.

There was a lot of GRAPHICS: Dink, about 10 types peoples, about 50 spiecies of monsters and 1000 types of things: houses, fences, walls, brigdes, rocks, trees, bushes and other miscellaneous...Also tiles, from grass to fire...

ITEMS- a lot of items... You can even add your item to the game!!! Starting from nuts and ending with bombs and throwing axes. Also there was few magics: Fireball (Dink fires a ball into enemy. When it touches enemy or other hard object, like tree or rock, it explodes); Hellfire (works like fireball, but if touches monster, exsplodes only a piece of it. So, its mean, you can hit many many monsters with one shoot 8-]); scroll(with it you can go throught to the magic gate into the magic forest).

There was a lot of SOUNDS!!! starting with screen music and ending with exsplosions! But, when someone talk, you dont hear what he saying, you must read it...

And finaly-OVERALL. If you want to play good RPG game- Dink Smallwood is the best. You can even play a DMOD, game created by someone like you. Also you can create your own DMOD and send it to the Dink network...
So, thats it.
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