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2010-08-30 02:35:13
Peasant Male United States
I'll bet Klaebe isn't going to do anything about it, this being an old mod and he's pretty much given up on the series, as far as the casual observer can tell, but maybe a third party could fix it.

Apparently, when you strike the end-boss with ANY attack, magical or physical, ranged or melee, the player is stricken with temporary weakness, manifested as slower walk speed, and I think weaker defenses. Anyway when the effects wear off, Dink displays dialogue to the effect of "Ah, much better...".

When striking the killing blow, Dink is still gripped with the weakening effects, and after a few seconds, will say his "effects wear off" line, which interrupts the endgame dialogue (where he calls out to the Balance priest for transport) and leaves the player stuck, unable to move or anything.

So, yeah. Game breaker. I got around it by running the boss fight in Debug mode, leaving me immune to his "nemesis" effects, so there was no dialogue to interrupt the epilogue.