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2010-08-28 13:49:08
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I'm not really new, I just don't post until I need to, which isn't often. So, low post count. Anyway, like I said, I already have the solution for SOB Part 1 bookmarked. All it says in regard to getting into Mandrake's place is:

Getting past the flames that guard the way to Mandrakeís abode is tricky. You have to talk to one of his students that keeps zapping in and out as they practice "translocation magic". The trainee wizard gives you a clue as to who to talk to, to get help with the flames. Just listen to what he says. This helper can also been found in the Forest of Wickedness. Itís the well, arm the backdoor key, talk and youíll be given ice armour in exchange for the key. (Key to your solution is the clue the apprentice gives... solution is what is in the well...)

I've tried talking to the well with the key armed, but it does nothing. I've also tried talking to the student wizard with the key armed, but he keeps saying he wants a yellow fish. I'm assuming the student wizard is the one who has the stone circle inside his home, and isn't inside the Forest of Wickedness.