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2010-08-31 04:47:43
Peasant Male United States
Right, so, I'm at Port Town in Rydilmydis, and I've scrimped and saved and slaughtered to purchase a "Death Throwing Star" for 50K Gold. I buy the thing, and now every other transaction I make, whether buying or selling, triggers this "Tax Man" guy who walks in, forces me to choose between losing all my gold or invoking an immediate Game Over, and after giving up my gold, he walks out and says "Cheaters never prosper!".

Is there some player level or stat check that I failed when I got the Death Throwing Star? I can't progress any further in the game because I need to buy a boat and every time I try to buy it, the Tax Man walks in and swipes my boat deed or whatever it's called.

SimonK, if there's a level or stat requirement for weapons, make sure you let the shopkeepers know this so that they don't let Dink buy said weapons before he's ready.