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I like makin' games. How couldn't you?

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2017-10-08 20:39:41
Peasant Male Japan
Yeah, the status bar drawing is because Dink HD has a fundamentally different way of updating the screen which causes the issues - the GL version starts with a blank screen every frame, where the original dink just draws on top of what was there. If I leave on status bar rendering I think it breaks certain other effects, so I have to be careful or I'll just oscillate between two different bugs.

What I should probably do is be rendering to an offscreen surface so I can properly emulate it, but unless I store the entire surface full state saves won't restore correctly in that case. Not sure the hassle is worth dealing with for now.

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Dink Smallwood CD AudioOfficialGood 8.2August 7th, 2006
Dink SmallwoodOfficialExceptional 9.5March 10th, 2006
Dink Smallwood 1.08 Source CodeDevelopment, Source, Official, Dink.exeExceptional 9.9March 10th, 2006
Search for Milli Vanilli (The)D-Mod, RompFair 5.2February 26th, 2006
Making of Mystery Island (The)Development, Tutorial, OfficialFair 5.8January 1st, 1990
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