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I like makin' games. How couldn't you?

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2006-10-27 19:15:17
Peasant Male Japan
Thanks LPJoBo, on your Radeon 9600 maybe I have some broken code with window toggling.. if you run the app from the command line with the "-window" parm does windowed mode pop up correctly?

"Map Mode" is sort of tricky and not very useful right now, I was going to touch upon it in a tutorial. It basically creates and caches a mini-map and updates only changed pieces. If you change the "thumb size" of a map to say, 64, the resolution of the mini-map is much better, instead of blobs, you can see actual landscape features.

About the editor, no plans for an integrated one, like Simeon says, I'm very picky about my editors (notepad works in a pinch but there are much better out there.. UltradEdit. Not sure about free ones, maybe somebody has some suggestions) and too lazy to make a good one that would work crossplatform.

Milobones: There is no inventory screen yet, although the treeworld example does script a way to "pick up a weapon", that weird thing at the start.

Maybe I should change the default Escape script to just cancel the editor if it's on...

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