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Peasant Male Japan
I like makin' games. How couldn't you?

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2022-07-22 18:52:03
Peasant Male Japan
uh, hi, to provide another viewpoint, Dink HD rocks and you should use it.

* Only version with full state saving anywhere and auto saves
* Only version with iOS/Android builds
* Only version with built in DMOD downloader/player (it pulls data directly from dink network, makes it really easy for new players to use DMODS (and is the reason ios/android players can use dmods at all) Note: Also compatible with existing DMOD front ends, so you don't have to use it
* Stability and DMOD compatibility is actually quite good now
* Still being updated/bugfixed, open source, hopefully will keep improving

When you startup Dink HD, it will tell you if there is a newer versions and prompt you to download if needed.

The size difference of the updates a few months ago was mostly because it now includes a huge MIDI sound library, the goal is to provide identical high quality MIDI music on every HD version platform.


------ Change log for 1.94 ----------

* Should work on Windows 7 again (in theory.. uhh.. )
* Now using HTTPS for all communications/downloads on all platforms
* Download & DMOD install is now much faster
* Windows now using a 64 bit build and latest FMOD Studio version for audio
* BUGFIX: All cheats now properly show up if DinkC Debug Toggle is used from the debug mode (previously, Ghostwalk didn't appear)
* (Android) Fixed issue with Android 11 not being able to save
* (Windows) Running dink.exe with /? or --help will now show a list of possible command line parms
* (Android) Now using FMOD for the sound engine here, now all supported platforms have audio feature parity and should sound the same
* BUGFIX (Android): Installing certain large DMODs will no longer crash due to JNI not being able to garbage collect strings fast enough,
although this bug might be something that only happened on this build due to DMOD install optimizations, not sure
* (Windows) Added note on about screen: "Click and drag to move this window, yeah, this GUI was originally made for mobile so it's weird",
* (Desktop versions) In-game Options menu now shows active dink and DMOD paths, About page shows dink dir and dmod base dir
* Midi improvements - using a new MIDI soundfont ( GeneralUser GS 1.471.sf2, but I converted it to .dls1 as FMOD only supports that) -
I think it's probably better than the default Windows midi player so I went ahead and enabled it for Desktop versions too, but .. I don't know,
I feel like some instruments are a bit loud in some midis, but I guess it's probably because different midi authors worked with different
soundfonts and engineered them to different audio levels, so fixing volume for one song makes it too loud on another. Hrmph
* DMOD browse menu (showing things you can install) now shows file size
* BUGFIX: Plugged in XInput devices no longer cause dink to stutter while walking if using keyboard to move
* BUGFIX: Fixed some weirdness that happened if DPI scaling is enabled

------ Change log for 1.95 ----------
* Fixed 25 year old strcpy usage issue with overlapping the dest and src locations which you shouldn't do,
strangely the first time it actually caused a problem (AFAIK?) was on a recent Android build that
was crashing on some devices when New Game is clicked.

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