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I like makin' games. How couldn't you?

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2010-11-25 21:03:24
Peasant Male Japan
Yeah, HD may be a bad name as the graphics are not changed other than the menus. It does do anti-aliasing as Kyle mentioned.

The HD game from the iOS world where "HD" is a loose term to mean "optimized for iPad" and I'm sort of just keeping the name around to separate old-dink from new-dink, as all the HD versions (iOS, Android, Win) share the same feature set.

The HD version is GL and designed for newer computers. The latest GL drivers for your video card might help.

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Dink Smallwood HDOfficialExceptional 9.5June 19th, 2011
Mystery IslandD-Mod, Quest, OfficialGood 8.1January 2nd, 2010
Dink Smallwood CD AudioOfficialGood 8.2August 7th, 2006
Dink SmallwoodOfficialExceptional 9.5March 10th, 2006
Dink Smallwood 1.08 Source CodeDevelopment, Source, Official, Dink.exeExceptional 9.9March 10th, 2006
Search for Milli Vanilli (The)D-Mod, RompFair 5.1February 26th, 2006
Making of Mystery Island (The)Development, Tutorial, OfficialFair 5.8January 1st, 1990
Dink Smallwood BMP GraphicsDevelopment, Graphics, OfficialExceptional 9.3January 1st, 1990
Mystery Island BMP GraphicsDevelopment, Graphics, OfficialExceptional 9.4January 1st, 1990