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I like makin' games. How couldn't you?

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2010-09-06 07:40:02
Peasant Male Japan
Some quick notes:

The speed button is not technically a cheat, as it also speeds up the enemies (and entire game) at the exact same rate. So yes, it's primary for quick travel and to skip cutscenes, but does not give any advantage during fighting. Really, try it. Don't think it should be something that can be disabled!

Pushing through screen lock - now that's weird, will check.

Bomb graphic - yep, seeing that here too. due to how I'm processing them slightly different as I need the bg transparent now because of some tricks I'm doing with the secondary control scheme for touch devices. Hrmm, will probably just edit the bmp.

White/black lines during screen transitions - I don't have this on my card, seems to be with specific GL drivers, hmm. Anybody else getting it as bad as MsDink?

Crash when getting the fireball scroll from Martridge - can anybody else play through Dink this far and see if this happens to them as well? Can't seem to duplicate it, definitely want to fix this.

Herb boots - thanks, will check it out. Same issue as bomb probably.

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