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Ants (The)

The Princess and the eggs He's kinda right...
You play Hatman the Ant. Will you help him on his mildly anti-authoritarian quest? This is an extremely brief and rather shoddy demo to see what people think needs the most work. You *won't* get a real taste of what the story is about. Oh yeah, no fighting, dying or losing. Sorry.

*Best download of july 2004*
Released:July 22nd, 2004
File Size:592.54 KB
Release Notes:Demo
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August 21st, 2004
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant Male United States
Ants Demo
by MiloBones

OK, this demo was really really good. I hope the author finishes this demo soon! It has a semi-plot about an ant named Hatman who has is (im thinkin) a worker ant and has to do many tasks. I wonder if he will ever finish the story to the princess heh.

overall great demo and I really cant wait for this dmod (finished)!