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Ants (The)

He's kinda right... The Princess and the eggs
You play Hatman the Ant. Will you help him on his mildly anti-authoritarian quest? This is an extremely brief and rather shoddy demo to see what people think needs the most work. You *won't* get a real taste of what the story is about. Oh yeah, no fighting, dying or losing. Sorry.

*Best download of july 2004*
Released:July 22nd, 2004
File Size:592.54 KB
Release Notes:Demo
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May 3rd, 2005
Score : 6.5 fair
Ants THE Demo

This Dmod… It was a great original idea, when playing it again to do this review, I, well remembered how much I wished it were a full version.

Story: You play Hatman a young worker ant, Hatman must expect some old tunnels that, as Hatman points out will never be used. These tunnels are full of dangers, and Hatman gets trapped in these caves only to be saved by a female ant. This story is great, better than I can explain; it would have been better to of seen more of it though…

Gameplay: This Dmod has no visible errors, apart from the fact you can did the tunnel before marking the dangers granted you cant get through it but still. I didn’t find any hardness errors, but that is expected from a demo.

Graphics: All of the graphics are new in this demo bar the stats bar, which I would expect to change in the Full version, although it really doesn’t hinder the true coolness of the other graphics. The Graphics themselves are simple, but still work, the only graphics error as such is the white outline around the larva witch doesn’t really matter...

Music: The music was ok… Nothing special, I mean it was new, and it suited the situation but I didn’t find it too special, about average.

Final Thoughts: Great Demo! I hope it will become a full version soon!
Good: The Originality
Bad: 3 words… It’s a Demo