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2010-12-26 16:44:28
Hi, i played this game years and years ago for the first time.
I found this bug while i was a little child, and wanted to check if it's still here.
And yes it is!
If you walk north when you acrossed the bridge while payd 100 coins. There's a house with a chest containing 200 coins. In the east corner is Bjorn's Dam.
1 map piece to the west there's a bush, if you walk to it and walk upto the mountain there's a change you walk up to the mountain.
You can pass through all pieces of the game.
You just entry following pieces of map of the game.

If you use the bug I found out. And you go to a piece of map where u don't belong yet. DON'T SAFE IT.
There's no change of getting back after you safed it on a place where you shouldn't be yet. Remember that.

Thanks for reading and good luck!