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Cursed Blades Part 1: Charlie's Legacy

Xaphoras Wayshrine Bedrock Jailhouse 666, number of the Seth
What ever happened to Charlie?

Will the house be forever vacant, with no answers?

Find out as Dink visits the land of Phospher, and uncover the secret of Horn Lace Tactic and Real Shoe UFOs.

Please note, during testing, the 'tab' engine speed up encouraged strange un-explainable bugs to occur in the dmod. It is recommended to avoid using it.
Released:August 10th, 2022
File Size:49.19 MB
Release Notes:Version incremented to 2.00 - now confirmed working from start to finish on DinkHD, and FreeDink 109.6 for Windows and Linux. This will be the last update for a while, unless something major comes up.

Also the following bugs fixed:
- Fixed rainsound not repeating/not dying
- Fixed a bug where story variable could rewind
- Adjusted sign text boxes when playing on Linux, so they are big enough for the text
- Fixed a freeze bug in all bars, where if you have no money when you ask for a beer, Dink doesn’t unfreeze
- Changed the lockout point of a side quest, so it's available to find up until later in the game
- Fixed an issue where screen would not unlock when killing a certain enemy in some situations
- Fixed issue with base_death messing up on one enemy
- Fixed NPC in prison repeating a conversation twice in a row
- Fixed typo/grammar mistakes in conversations
- Fixed depth que error on Bedrock church door
- Fixed Healing spell recharging too fast if you have the book equipped when the spell becomes available
- Fixed hardness errors
- Fixed a bug where Dink can get permanantly frozen during some cutscenes
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