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Relic Hunter (Demo)

Holding the 'Q' key shows where enemies are located A map that allows you to traverse to different waypoints The interior of the ship
Dink encounters a crew of relic hunters and joins on a quest spanning from Port Town to the high seas.
Demo includes intro, a single dungeon, unfinished town, and a simple quest involving a duck.
This DMOD is abandonware, don't expect any updates.
Feel free to use any parts. If anyone wants to complete or expand the DMOD go for it!
Released:October 16th, 2023
File Size:1.10 MB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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November 12th, 2023
Score : 7.5 good
Peasant He/Him Hungary bloop
The nation above all 
Well, it's almost the deadline for the review contest, so I decided to give a short review for this new development/D-Mod file.

Dink gets very drunk, accidentally boards the wrong ship. The ship's crew decide to start hunting relics with the help of Dink. Okay, the later one is my speculation - let's just say due to it's unfinished nature, the story is not the point of the D-Mod.

Most of the graphics are taken from other sources, like SimonK's D-Mods. They're used quite well though, especially the ship interiors.

Quite good. PortTown is nice, if not particularly exeptional. The playable dungeon's mapping is better, and worth experiencing. There are some unconventional solutions, but they work well. Special mention goes to the ship interiors, which are the best looking solution I've seen in a D-Mod yet.

Due to it's unfinished nature, the only real gameplay part in the D-Mod is the dungeon, apart from one quest in PortTown and the inside of the ship. The dungeon is about the length of a romp, with some puzzles and a unique bossfight at the end. My only complaint here would be the difficulty of the end boss. I find it hard, and I felt like I won more due to my luck with the AI, rather then my actual skills.

The idea of hunting relics is an interesting one. Shame it was never fully realized. One new feature is pressing a button that shows where unkilled enemies are. While it did not feel needed in this particular D-Mod, I think some D-Mods from the past would've really benefited from it as a QoL improvement. I do hope that future D-Mods that might have issues with enemies behind walls or at the edge of the screen implament this or something similar. There is a new minimap system that allows teleportation and fast travel with the click of the mouse (or button). I find it a really cool, if unforunately brief system. The last notable feature is a weapon and armor system. It kind of fells like an afterthought or gimmick to be honest. Most likely because it doesn't get enough screentime due to the D-Mod being unfinished.

I think this D-Mod is worth playing. At the least, it gives an enjoyable enough romp for players, bar the difficulty. I also suggest developers to check this one out, as it has quite a few good ideas and systems. Overall, don't expect this to be among the best D-Mods, but it is quite good for what it is.
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