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I, Kara Gu

From the COTPATD project.
Action-orientated. Kara is a child initiate of the Elemental Order of the Gu, a group dedicated to watching over the elemental powers. On her coming of age ceremony she is destined to become a full initiate, and the decisions she makes during her trials will determine the course of her life.
Released:July 4th, 2012
File Size:4.89 MB
Release Notes:Fixed a couple of typos.
Made sure a line of text would display correctly when trying to exit the Shrine of Fire and Water.
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February 7th, 2007
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant He/Him United States 
I, Kara Guu

This is one of the most fun DMODs I have ever played
I tend to get bored with just the basic "Dink style" DMODs that most of them are (including the one I'm making), but this... it's like a whole 'nother game. I recomend this to everyone!

There was a story, unlike some DMODs While it isn't an amazing storyline, it is still pretty good. You'd probably expect that there are plot twists, and there are. But still, there's more. When Arik says "and the decisions she makes during her trials will determine the course of her life," he means it. There is more than one way through this story, and also 4 different endings. You also get a choice right from the beginning. I myself to this point have completed one path, and gotten one of the endings. But I am working on another path I found, and this other "path" leads you to a whole new area. You'll definitely want to replay this because it definitely feels like there's more than one DMOD packed in here.

There are new .wav sounds as well as midis. While you probably have heard most of the midis in previous games and midi packs, they fit quite well in most places. In other places I found a little humorous. For example hearing joshriot's "downhill on a scooter" (I think) in a fairly challenging level seemed to lighten the tension of continuous dying. I must also say that the wav sounds were very good. He put sounds for everything that seemed appropriate to, and the new ones were just good. Although I'm not so sure about the new grunts, they seem alittle too young for the character, but that may just be me.

There weren't a ton of new ones, but there were some new ones. Elemental monsters, a new magic (sort of), a sort of magical attack used by the enemy, and some stained glass were most of what I came by so far. But there is more to graphics than just new ones. The author made excellent use of the ones already in the game as well as the new ones. It seems that there is always some sort of sequence going on, whether it be during the fight, or for decoration. You will be very pleased with the map.

Here is the strongest point in the game. It isn't normal gameplay, so it may take a few tries to get used to the controls and everything.

Your character has no physical attacks, but only magic. You won't have an inventory either. So how does it work? You get two, well six, magical attacks. Three of which are fire, three of which are water. Your magical attacks are casted by "control" instead of "shift". You can also cast magic before your magic gauge is fully charged. When your magic gauge is fully charged, you unleash your more powerful elemental attacks (automatically). Switching between the two elements is accomplished by "shift". You must wait until your magic meter is fully charged though. Along with switching between elements, there is more. Your costume changes and you become immune to elemental attacks of the element you are (not physical). Along with the 4 attacks mentioned (the 2 elements in weaker/stronger versions), there are two special attacks (one for each element). They are called bombs. Bombs fire your strong elemental attack in all directions. You must acquire them by killing enemies and they are limited. When you have one, you can use it by pressing M, 6, B, or Z. They may very well save your hide in a tight situation. Bombs take the place of gold on the status bar.

Your stats are pretty much static and you don't get anything more than a number and a bomb from leveling. There aren't any standard powerups eiter, but there are 2 new ones you find. They are time limited, but also very helpful. One is a temporary magic boost, and the other gives you a little sidekick that attacks using the element you have equipped. I should also add that you don't use savebots to save. Sometimes you'll get a gold heart that fills your life and prompts you to save, and other times it'll just be from entering a new area.

I've only scratched the surface on gameplay, there is so much here, like the new bosses and enemies with special attacks. This DMOD has the best gameplay I've come across. The only downside here is that it is a hard game. Expect to die, because you will. But to me that hardly takes from the DMOD and there is even an easy mode (which I haven't tried yet.) Gameplay is just awsome.

The gameplay is outstanding, sounds and graphics are good, multiple endings and levels for replay value, and there is just a surplus of innovation and creativity to put it lightly. This is the best DMOD I've played to date and it seems flawless. So download this DMOD, it is a must have and if you don't you are truly missing out!
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