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My name is Neil Troughton and I can't believe I keep doing this.

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2015-09-10 15:34:50
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Yeah, it's by hitting them - no letters will display when you hit them, that's fine. A couple more quirks/things to note:

- The first statue does not make sound effects to indicate you have got things right or wrong.
- Statues R and C will make a fireball/selection sound effect on hit if you get it in the right order, and make a dragon sound effect if you get it wrong. The dragon sound effect is more obvious - if you hear that, you need to go back and hit Y to start again.
- Statue X will also make a dragon sound effect if you don't hit it last in the sequence. If you hit it last then a secret found sound effect will play - if you return to the fountain after this (without hitting the statues again) then the hidden niche in the fountain will appear.
- If you start hitting statues in the correct order, then hit the first one (Y) again, you will be back to step 0 and need to hit Y again to start the puzzle over. This will happen if you hit the first statue (Y) twice when you start the puzzle! This might be the root of the issue.

I hope this helps!

(I might release a small change in the future so that sound effects play on the first statue and so that hitting it twice puts you back to step 1 rather than step 0. I might also make it so you can't unsolve the puzzle after solving it - I don't think that's an issue people are having, but it's possible to create an inconsequential bug where the fountain temporarily disappears, so that'd be nice to not worry about.)

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