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Blood Scorpions

Scorpions threaten the Town of the Ancients, a town in the middle of the desert.
Dink joins the Servants to defend the town and to make those scorpions pay!

*Best download of august 2003*
Released:August 23rd, 2003
File Size:1.79 MB
Release Notes:v1.00
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August 30th, 2003
Score : 9.2 exceptional
I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Dink must protect a town from scorpions created by the blood of their victims, and discover why the scorpions are appearing in the first place, while also trying to locate three orbs that protect the town.

Strengths: I always knew what I had to do and there was no aimless wandering, although one puzzle in particular confused me for a bit. The training was a wonderful addition to the game; you actually had to work to become part of the people trying to protect the town rather than just being admitted in. There were several small sub-quests you had to do to obtain certain items, and these were fun and challenging to solve. The potions that were available were easily found, and helped you level up.

Graphics: The scenery in this game was absolutely stunning, almost magical to me. I could have sat and stared at each screen in the game without even playing and been perfectly happy. The colours of the trees were diverse and gorgeous, and blended beautifully with the colour of the desert. I loved the addition of the sunflowers with the trees, as well as the rock formations that were reminiscent of Stonehenge. Overall, the scenery was exquisite and I was quite blown away by it.

Map: The map was decorated very nicely. There was something in every screen, whether it was trees, cacti, fences or a combination of everything. The ability to interact with unique objects in version 1.00 is a great addition.

Music: Very nice music with good selections for each scenario in the game.

Weaknesses: While I liked the fact that attention was obviously paid to the game, such as having a basement for each room, I often entered such rooms thinking there was something important I had to find, and, when I didn't find anything, I assumed that I was missing something important to the game. Everything else I had a problem with was addressed in version 1.00. However, the addition of the interaction with objects added some minor grammar and spelling errors.

Overall: A very enjoyable D-Mod with truly exceptional scenery. The ease of play was just right for me, and I would definitely recommend playing this game.
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