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Bloop's Purpoise

Angry Steve Is Watching Eat that bubble, you dirty girl.
Bloop discovers why he is a fish.
Released:June 5th, 2017
File Size:3.05 MB
Release Notes:- v1.08 compatibility fixes:
* Game no longer crashes after introduction
* New font colors now correctly set
* Midis now stop when acquiring pearls
* Last pearl text now displayed
* Text displayed even if fade down doesn't work

- Pearl dropped by boss cannot appear within rocks
- Corrected a couple typos
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August 30th, 2017
Score : 7.3 good
Peasant Male Hungary bloop
Hanging around. 
An entry to the Bloop the Fish contest, and winner of the said contest. It's story is average, but it has an interesting twist or two. The D-Mod uses graphics from iplaydink's A Fish Named Bloop, but redink1 created new graphics based on it, while he also created graphics from scratch. There's also an interesting boss fight. If you would like to play a short D-Mod and you don't mind the Bloop theme, this one might worth checking out.
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