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2002-08-31 22:02:48
Peasant Male United States
: main.c

: ------

: make_global_int ("&strength",1);

: make_global_int ("&defense",1);

: make_global_int ("&magic",1);

: item slayer

: ------

: void arm()

: {

:  external("stats","load_slayer");

: }

: stats.c

: ------

: void load_slayer()

: {

:  &strength = 4;

:  &defense = 4;

:  &magic = 4;

: }

: strength goes to 4, nothing else. the only thing i could guess is that start-1 could call the arm after getting the item before some other crucial command, but i can re-equip the item in-game and still no luck. i even tried making another item set &defense and &magic to 3 in arm and the load_slayer still doesnt get it to 4, it stays at 3. try this for yourself.

You're not going to like this...

I tried it and it works perfectly.

But why not just drop the external command and put the stat adjustments right in the item script, it might not be quite as neat, but it should work fine. (And if it doesn't, you'll know something's more basic is wrong.)

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