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This little program will take all the redundant SET_SPRITE_INFO commands out of your dink.ini file and save it as clean.ini which you can then rename it as dink.ini (after renaming or deleting the old one) Just run it and follow the instructions.
Released:August 12th, 2012
File Size:288.03 KB
Release Notes:Brand new version made with AutoHotkey. Features include an 83% less horrible interface, support for newer computers, and an optional "FlowBack" mode which may or may not be good for anything.
October 31st, 2003
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant Male Sweden
When adding new sprites to a DMOD or changing the hardbox of old ones in the dinkedit program, set_sprite_info commands are added in the ini-file. Unfortunately you will easily exceed the total number of extra set_sprite_info lines that you can add to your ini file. This utility
search through the ini file and removes superfluous set_sprite_info commands, and thus gives you room for more useful set_sprite_info commands.

When/Why should I use this program:
When you use dinkedit, changes a hardbox, exit dinkedit, starts dinkedit again and take a look at the sprite you changed. If the hardbox haven't changed, then you have run out of set_sprite_info lines and should use this program.

First, when I tried to use this utility, it didn't worked
(complained about out of memory or something like that). I thought I hadn't instal it correctly and tested to clean some others DMOD's ini files, but it worked on those!
Then I opened my ini-file, looked at the bottom of the file. dinkedit adds
set_sprite_info here and uses a black, filled square as separator between those commands (works lika a normal return-character, I guess).
I removed all those squares and edited the ini file in such a way that all
set_sprite_info stod alone on one row each just as the other original ones
from the skeleton-b file (for the original sprites).
Then I run INIclean again and it worked.

A nice utility, since you don't want to do this removeing of superfluous
ini-commands yourself. I just can't understand why this isn't done by
dinkedit, in the first place, when adding new ini-commands.
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