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I'm 25 years old. I first visited the Dink Network in December 2004. I love horses.

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2006-05-01 16:38:02
You mean the creative talent responsible for names like Elemental Dragons 1: Air Dragon, Elemental Dragons 2: Earth Dragon, and so on?

No I mean the many ideas I've come up with for my books. Remember creative talent is only the talent to come up with original ideas, not the ability to make good ideas. I've literally come up with hundreds of books ideas (most of which were dumped in full or in part). Admittedly not all of tyhem were good. they were, however, original.

but I'm running a bit short on time at the moment, which you often claim to be the reason you can't afford the time to spellcheck

Actually I've never claimed time. I claimed that I'd rather spend the time doing other things in that time than check to see what order I've pressed buttons.

and you are just super and you'll laugh at everyone else when it eventually comes down to them being screwed over because they did not live their life in a rational and objective fashion

Firstly I never said I was super. In fact, I admitted to being imperfect. Secondly that society collapse was mentioned only twice. Also that collapse may not happen in any of our lifetimes , even with nanobots. I even said it may be more than 100 years after I've set it happening in my sci-fi books. So in other words, I was not saying you lot are screwed, or anyone else I know. I was saying that people somewhere down the line are screwed. It could be in a thousand years, but it's definetly going to happen unless society wakes up and starts thinking (note: that isn't menat entirelly literally or at all offensively).

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