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I'm 25 years old. I first visited the Dink Network in December 2004. I love horses.

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2006-05-09 16:15:13
Looks really nice. The info about your D-Mod looks great. Can't wait until the demo is atually released.


I disgree with you on the 'writer's advice' part, though. You can be published even if you're copying someone else's work.

My advice came from a book from established writer and retired university lecturer on writing, Les Edgerton. The published author, David Morrell, also covered it breiefly in his book. To quote Les:

"When you are trying to be an author you are trying to get someone to like you, to be your friend. When you try to make friends in social scenes you only get them by being you, not by copying others. It's the same with your writing."

J.K. Rowling.

I think you're confusing two different things. She is similar to others not the same. She has her own unique elements to her writing. Just because she has elements to her writing doesn't mean she isn't unique. It is okay to have similar elements to others, even to have them inspire you in some way. That does not kill her uniqueness. What I meant by "be yourself not someone else" is to not copy someone else 100% or to copy others so that none of your style is your own. JK Rowling does not do that. As long as you don't copy someone in that way your personality will come across on the page. This is using your own style and is achieved through your choice of words. Anything else is not a matter of style but rather other things such as content. That's where she copies. That's where it is okay to copy, as long as it isn't taken to far. However, her own personality comes across on the page through her unique word usage. Otherwise she would never of been published. Editors do not accept styles that are copied. They know people can spot a hack and won't read a novel from a hack.

Perhaps I should add that stuff to the writer's advice section so that my point is clearer...

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