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Graphic Numbers

December 4th, 2005
Score : 8.0 good
This is a very good file. I love that it tells you what number the graphics use. i find this quite useful. However I wish it listed individual frames like the Dinkedit.txt file in ted Shutes' Tools and Toys, as this is just as useful.

Good: Because it lists the number for every graphic/set of graphics, you will not have to find them in the editor and place them on a screen or hunt through the Dink.ini file just to find out their number.

Bad: It doesn't list the individual frames and their number, meaning if you want the frame number you have to do it one of the hard way or use the Dinkedit.txt file from Ted Shutes' Tools and Toys if you have it. Also, I agree with SimonK's statement that it would be better with an html with pictures, because while I, unlike him, can find it just as easily from descriptions as from pictures, I would do better with both.