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WinDinkEdit Plus

February 26th, 2006
Score : 9.5 exceptional
A very good replacement for WinDinkedit and Dinkedit (which isn't really any good compared to WinDinkedit or WinDinkedit Plus). WinDinkedit Plus has all of the advantages that WinkDinkedit has over Dinkedit and more. Such as: a built in midi player, a "Edit Ini" option in the Display menu and a built in C editor (WinC), both of which are quite handy. However there is a problem with WinC. Which is this: you can't use the delete button unless you've selected text. I'd also advise the author look at easy DinkC for ideas on new features to add to future versions of WinC. Also if you have both WinDinkedit and WinDinkedit Plus open with the same dmod you can't open the map file on the one that was opened second.