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Scary Beast (The)

Dink learns about the scary beast. From the COTPATD project.
Dink has to kill a scary beast!
Released:July 10th, 2009
File Size:179.47 KB
Release Notes:Scary Beast v0.99.1a
- Mapped the whole D-Mod properly.
- Made this into an actual D-Mod.
- More to do.
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July 15th, 2009
Score : 6.5 fair
Peasant Male United States
Love! True love! 
The Good:
Mapping is much better, there are more things to do, and the beast isn't as strong. These are all things that needed much improvement.

The Bad:
The hole and the stairs both made door noises, and you couldn't crawl through hole. The girl didn't say anything after she tells you to go kill the beast, whereas she did in 0.99. And I don't know if this was intentional or a bug, but you can keep getting strength from the tree after you've got your initial points. No screenlock with the final boss. Again, I don't know if that was intentional.

It's better, but it could still use some improvement. However, all the problems are simple fixes if you do decide to make another version. If you do, I'll be sure to change this review accordingly. I'm glad you updated it.