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Peasant Male Norway steam
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I'm Glenn

Nice to meet you friend.

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2010-06-07 20:14:21
Peasant Male Norway steam
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Hey guys,

Today I had an accident while driving my car. You see, it all began when I woke up today and put on my shoes on. I lit up a cigarette while relaxing outside in the hot summer air. After I was done smoking I went down to my boat to fix the wire steering on it, which the work in itself is death, since it's so small to get inside it with a screw driver. After about 5 attempts over a 3-hour span I finally managed to get it right. All of a sudden, I heard a noise inside my house and I quickly knew it was my cellphone ringing to that sweet Kanye West tune "Good Morning". I picked up the phone and it was my friend who called; He asked me if I wanted to hang out with him and since I had nothing better to do I might as well accept his proposal to keep the friendly bond between us, which is established and kept in line through physical communication.

I quickly ran to the bathroom and took a shower (I was really dirty after working with the boat), put someclothes on, my bling and my shades and I was redy to cruise some with him out in town (We was actually just going to buy some medicine for him, so I'm over-exaggerating here). As we was rolling through the hood where I live I saw some gangster just chillin' in a bus shack waiting for the bus, I quickly noticed that they was from another group than I was and it was beef from that point on. One of their guys starting shooting at my ride and I have bullet holes in my car now. I drove as fast as I could out of that hood and didn't think nothing would happen even if I was hit with bullets in my car.

I stopped at a gas station not thinking anything of it and then suddenly my car 'sploded as I was walking outside of the station. Some security that worked there gave me a picture of what happened:

The 'splosion.

I barely managed to survive that blast and I ws so scared as to what was going to happen next since we had gangster on our tail. I ran as fast as I could because I felt hungry after what happened so I went to street-kitchen to have a hamburger. The guy was finished and he came with my burger, it was served on a silver plate. It felt weird and I felt like everything was a conspiracy against me because he didn't touch the burger at all.

It was when I took the burger in my hand I noticed what was wrong. It was too hot and I severely burned my hand and I can no longer use it. Here are pictures of what my hand looks like now.

It hurts

What will happen to my friend and I? Well, we still drive around in a car and solve mysteries and stuff.

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DinkbotMiscellaneous, Unfinished, SourceGood 8.9December 20th, 2009
Dink Smallwood WallpaperMiscellaneous, Fan WorkFair 6.8December 1st, 2009
Scary Beast (The)D-Mod, RompHorrible 1.2July 10th, 2009
Revenge of the PigsD-Mod, RompHorrible 2.4April 9th, 2006
Victim of LifeD-Mod, RompTolerable 4.3April 9th, 2006
Quest for Food (The)D-Mod, RompTolerable 4.0April 9th, 2006
Attack of the Army (The)D-Mod, RompFair 5.2August 21st, 2003
Search for the Green Mushroom (The)D-Mod, RompTolerable 4.6June 12th, 2003
Glenn's First D-ModD-Mod, RompHorrible 0.8March 26th, 2003

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.:the Revenge of the Ducks:.

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.:Easy Dinkc:.

This is a Very Good And Easy Program To Script Dinkc in, it have H...
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Woohoho a Dink Problematic Dink Diz ProNormalHorrible 1.0July 23rd, 2004
Well Computer VirusNormalTolerable 4.7July 22nd, 2004
.: Pirates of Portown :.

PlotPirates of Portown
NormalGood 7.5July 20th, 2004
The Ghost Knight Ghost KnightNormalExceptional 9.9July 20th, 2004
Ghost Knight is a Very Great Graphic Made By Striker This Was Used in the Greate D-Mod Clo... Ghost Knight 2.0NormalExceptional 9.4July 20th, 2004
.: Matoya :.

Plot : At First You Dont Know What the Plot is Since Dink Cant Read ...
MatoyaNormalGood 7.9July 20th, 2004
The Ghost of the Cast Ghosts of the Cast : Seth's Revenge (The)NormalHorrible 2.0July 19th, 2004
This is a Very Good And Usefull Script Editor CEditNormalExceptional 9.4July 19th, 2004
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Well Ghosts of the Cast (The)NormalHorrible 0.6July 17th, 2004
Dimage is a Great Tool To Tint Graphics Into 6 Different Colors They Are Gray DImageNormalExceptional 9.9July 17th, 2004

This is a Tile Maker That is Realy Slow And When I Say Realy Slow Th...
TexSynthNormalTolerable 3.6July 17th, 2004
This D-Mod is Very Enjoyable You Go To the Valley of the Talking Trees Dink Smallwood in the Valley of the Talking TreesNormalGood 7.3July 14th, 2004
Well it is Not Much To Say About This D-Mod Monster House (The)NormalHorrible 1.2July 14th, 2004
This D-Mod is Just Crap Well There Isn`T a Storyline Richard's AttackNormalHorrible 0.0July 14th, 2004
.:Castle Killers::

Plot:the Kings Castle is Disepared And Dink Must Find it.
Castle KillersNormalTolerable 4.7July 13th, 2004
. Ink Blackwood:.
Dink BlackwoodNormalGood 8.6April 17th, 2004
.:the Ruidements of Scripting:.

This File is Very Good, the Only Command I Could ...
Rudiments of Scripting (The)NormalExceptional 9.4April 17th, 2004
.:Beywatch Isle:.

This D-Mod Was Just Crap

the Walls Turned Into Ducks, ...
Baywatch IsleNormalHorrible 0.1March 12th, 2004
.:the Search For Santa:.

Plot.Tom Got To Find Santa

Graphics.Heh the Gr...
Christmas Adventure: Search for SantaNormalGood 7.2March 11th, 2004
It is a Very Cool Game You Play a Goblin Birth of an EmpireNormalExceptional 9.1May 3rd, 2003

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Preview Old Hero New ThiefOctober 19th, 2009