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Victim of Life

Dink's friend David is the victim of a kidnapping and Dink must save him.

The D-Mod may mention that a gnome stole an axe... but it was really a bonca.

Patch available here.
Released:April 9th, 2006
File Size:229.54 KB
Release Notes:1.1
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October 5th, 2010
Score : 0.5 horrible
Peasant Male United States
Theres a party in my tummy! 
Alright. So I downloaded this game, and pressed start.
I started out in a forest, so I went left. Oh, a cabin! I entered the cabin and read the sign. I then hit the middle head and went through the door, and went right. That's it? End of game? The game didn't even start out telling me what I'm doing, who this person is I just saved, and why the hell he was in some room.

I give this game a 0.5 for effort.
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