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Victim of Life

Dink's friend David is the victim of a kidnapping and Dink must save him.

The D-Mod may mention that a gnome stole an axe... but it was really a bonca.

Patch available here.
Released:April 9th, 2006
File Size:229.54 KB
Release Notes:1.1
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August 5th, 2004
Score : 6.4 fair
Peasant Male
Well, Glenn's best so far, but it has some bugs.
I tought the names were quite funny actualy!
The midi sounds were good and were fit for the diferent situations.
Not any new graphics.
The d-mod was a little bit to easy to finish, and could be a bit longer, but so far so good.
And Merlin, you have to live in Norway to figure the comic about Per!
Here it is a realy old-fashion name! Thats what it made it so funny!
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