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Victim of Life

Dink's friend David is the victim of a kidnapping and Dink must save him.

The D-Mod may mention that a gnome stole an axe... but it was really a bonca.

Patch available here.
Released:April 9th, 2006
File Size:229.54 KB
Release Notes:1.1
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December 6th, 2004
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Female Canada
I liked this little romp,it was cute.There were still a few little bugs but nothing to major.I like the mis-spellings,it adds character to the game.
I just hate it when a cave smells 'dampy'.Hehe.I liked that when I killed the one dude I got a magic power.I would have liked a weapon too though.
And you definately had to pay attention to what people said or you might end up lost like I did several times. All in all though,it was fun and not too hard to play.
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